Who's that girl?...

Hi readers, lovers of all things fashion, passers by and everyone in between, on top and arouuuuund! :)

This is my space and I welcome you! Just in case you were wondering:

My blog name comes from one of the many names my family calls me. The name Siki-Lou is close to my heart as my Uncle/God Father/Second dad would call me that. He sadly passed two years ago and I miss nothing more than the sound of his voice. Hence my blog name being one of my little ways to keep his memory alive! :) He (down there) is the 'he' in "He called her Siki-Lou x"...

My mother is Niuean (Niue is a small island in the South Pacific) and my father is Australian and as a super cool result I am here in this world...a Poly/Aussie girl with big dreams and a huge love for many things!!

I'm a teacher, passionate about Early Childhood Education, Indigenous Australian Education affairs and Human rights.

To flip the script I also equally love fashion, family, friends, music, art, food, theatre, travel, fun times and all things good in life.

Here in this space you will get a taste of all these things as I can't help but gush about the cool things I see and do in life! So please come along for the ride if any of these things appease you!! You're more than welcome!

Here are just a few snap shots of me and my peoples past & present!!

Left/sister me, Middle/sister&college room mate Jenny & myself.

with Rhi on our first trip to NEWYORKCITAAAAAY! :)

me, Tegan, Jenny & Rhi- Grad Ball night

me, niece LeeG & sister Mele, just some OOTD shots :)

Jenny, Jessica, Sia & me- Lloyd's King of Hearts world tour

with Jadey & Betty out for catchups and foooood in Parra :)

new found friends on the dance floor with Ruthie & Candice in a Brooklyn Bar, NYC on our second trip to the states :)

Graduation day with my ladies 2011 :)

just demolished a brisket sandwich from the famous Katz Deli in Brooklyn, NY. it was soooooooo beyond yum!!

with my ladies for a long overdue catch up in Parramatta, Sydney.

one of my FAVE thrift finds this year, this fabulous, knitted cardigan!!

Thanks for the drop in, please leave a comment & I hope peace and love find you well xx


  1. Hi Siki-Lou!

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  2. Sorry I forgot to include my email: plusvintageandthrift@gmail.com