Monday, April 25, 2011

Ain't No Way....

Tonight I updated my Glee life. Besides the new episode being complete crack-up material it gave me a "tear moment". I LOVE when this happens...a song that can just have me in such awe that it brings tears to my eyeballs, LOL. Well the song is by none other than the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin & the song (which I am ashamed to say I hadn't heard until now) is called "Ain't no way". I think both versions are beautiful and here I give you the original and the cover sung by Amber Riley who plays Mercedes on Glee! As I post these clips this evening I just leave you with a youtube comment I found under the Aretha clip that encapsulates just how I feel about this song right now:

"Close your eyes, listen to the voice, the words, feel love".

 Love & Blessings,

Siki-Lou xx

Saturday, April 23, 2011

` All Back !!

- currently on high rotation ;)

...the reason for the season xo


It's Good Sunday and today I had the previledge of cooking brunch for my beautiful parents and nieces Mizzle & Bizzle. I love them.

 ` mami's blueberry/nutmeg/vanilla pancake-cake topped with dark chocolate ganache and mixed berries :)

Just what was on the table thismorning?

`Egg & Bacon on crusty bread rolls
`Hot Cross Buns :)
`Croissants w/ Choc-hazelnut spread & Vanilla and nutmeg cream
` Dark Chocolate ganache pancake-cake
` Mocha or Chai Tea

So yes, we had brunch this morning and the star of brunch was the yummy Chai Tea! mmm ; so lovely on a cold morning. Along with the Chai tea I would like to give a big shout out to the reason for the season ..... JESUS !! :) Who da man? HE da man! LOL . props and many thanks go to the man upstairs!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend especially because of the extra days we get off!!

Love & blessings ... Siki-Lou xx

Saturday, April 16, 2011

and I'm for real when I say this...

So this is my first official blog post :) How exciting right? There are so many other things I should be doing right now but somehow this and the newest episode of Boardwalk Empire take preference. Hmmm ; moving right along. My sister has been blogging for a while now and has inspired me to create my own lil place here in cyber space so I guess thanks and a shout out are in order for Le sister ;) Anywho, here's a little bit about me for that fabulously, random person who will somehow stumble across my blog:

To whom ever you are,

My name is Theresa but I answer to many other names family, thoughout my life, have gifted me with. I was affectionately called Siki-Lou by my godfather/uncle/2nd dad who passed away last year. He is irreplaceable, the true measure of a man and left the world a little less bright when he passed on. (Just a lil name history)...

*leaving emo land in 3...2...1*

So, I'm currently studying my Bachelor of Ed. Early Childhood. I plan to save the world one beautiful child at a time. How idealistic of me right?! ... I say , WHY NOT? :p I looooooooooooooove music in an epic way, seriously live by it. It’s as essential as water & showering & facebook & shoes that actually fit my feet! (Those who know me-know my struggle) LOL. I proudly belong to a cracked, hilariously loving, wonderful family who have moulded me into, well, ME! J *cue the tear drop*
 Taking photos is my passion (kidding, just love a good ol’ cliche’) but seriously I am quite fond of getting behind the camera and getting a cool shot here and there. I love to look good, who doesn’t? If you just answered “me”’re lieing! :p I, like my sister, who doubles as my best bud, love all things fashion, makeup, styling and things just generally cool related so WATCH THIS SPACE and you’ll soon get a good dose of each J

In closing all I have to say is...

POICE (that’s how all the cool kids are saying peace these days)

Siki`Lou xx