Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aussie Curves: PURPLE!

Hello beautiful Aussie Curves readers!

Purple week is here...WOOHOO! I love purple! One of my favvvvve colours to wear, always has been! I have been so busy with travelling home after the Summer holidays, unpacking our lives and getting straight back into preparing for the new teaching year that I have had no time to take any OOTD shots on the good camera (I have managed to get a few on my Samsung Galaxy!).It is definitely not a first choice of mine to use outfit shots from my phone on my blog which is why I have once again dug up some photos from my US trip last June/July to share with you...that and the fact that I just love reliving my USA life LOL. (I need to go back immediately ) Ehh ANYWAY, here is what I wore to the most anticipated night of my life for the whole of 2012...CELINE DION IN CONCERT IN VEGAS!!!!

People laugh at me when I say how much I love Celine because apparrrrrrently she's "old" and for "old people" but WHATEVZ...I will fly my Celine flag high until forever because I truly believe she is the GREATEST voice of our time! There was always a top 3 for me Mariah, Whitney & Celine. Whitney's gone *tear*, Mariah's voice fell down a well & never came back so Celine is the last (wo)man standing with her timeless voice, beauty & Grace. So yeah...I love Celine, LOL.

Here's how I wore purple:

Purple floral shirt/jacket- thrifted, Salvo's $3/  Fluro high-neck shirt, thrifted (Millers) Vinnie's $6/ Ruffle skirt, City Chic $20/ Wedge boots, Rivers $20/ Tan handbag, Equip $15.

Love this sparkle number sister thrifted from one of our favourite local opshops Mickey & Mallory.

I seriously love Ruth's dress she picked up in Forever21 in NYC paired with her blue suede pumps.

Totally clowning with our "sing like Celine" faces. LOL.
 Is there a musician or music artist who just makes your whole life? Do tell...

Big Love x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OOTD: A closer look!

Hi lovelies!!

Here's just a quick post to give you a closer look at my OOTD for a wedding I attended here! I didn't get a chance to post this picture with my wedding post because the only decent shot we got was on my sister's iphone that I didn't have access to at the time (please excuse the photo quality). Here it is:

Floral high-neck dress, $6 Thrifted- Salvo's/ Wedge T-bar heels, $60 from two seasons ago/ Gold coin statement necklace, thrifted $3/ handbbag thrifted, $3 St Vincent DePaul's

This dress had been screaaaaaaaaming out for me to wear it since I bought it from a thrift store in early 2012. In my wedding post I mentioned that I had wanted to wear it to the Celine Dion concert I went to in Vegas while on our most recent US trip. Something about FINALLY seeing one of my most beloved performers in the flesh made me want to dress to the nines and that immediately made me think of this dress! Sadly it was waaaaaaaaaay to hot to be wearing this in Vegas so the practicality in me said "NO, will want to stab yourself in the foot with a rusty fork if you wear this and spend the whole time sweating your ring out and being hot & bothered...blah blah blah" haha, do you ever do that?

Ehh, long story short it went back kicking and screaming into my suitcase and was not to resurface again until this glorious day!! I'm glad I saved it too, its as if it was all meant to fall into place like it did and it was the perfect dress for this wedding!

Hope you like it coz I sure do! It's my faveeeeeourite thrifted dress to date!! :)

Big Love xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aussie Curves: Second hand...

HI LOVELY ONES!! *Waves with utmost enthusiasm* I feel like its been forever since I've done an Aussie Curves post and I've been missing it dearly! This week's challenge is second hand...HOLLA! lol. 90% of my wardrobe is now made up of thrifted, DIY and borrowed clothes that I LOVE! I guess my wardrobe transitioned this way over the last 4 years from: being a poor uni student, losing some weight, getting more creative with outfit choices and showing off my love for creativity in clothing. I find true individuality in pieces I thrift or as us Aussies call it...opshopping. No one else will be wearing what you have on, it's the best and cheapest insurance policy because we all know how much you would die inside a little if you showed up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else there! So there you have it, my little spiel on why I love second hand goodness!

These pics are totally throwback material from my graduation banquet in 2011! I have absolutely no way of pulling off a shoot this week because I somehow managed to sprain my knee and hinder my walking/standing ability as of late lol. so this event came to mind because the dress I wore this night has been one of my most fave finds to date! Anyway I'll let the pics roll and explain a little later...

What I wore: Floral sheer dress, Savlo's $1/ tan skinny belt, sister's closet/ Tan heels, $30, Target like 6 seasons ago/ Flower ring, Diva $5, 4 seasons back.

Raneece, Emma & Sister Mele x

With Nigel x

My beauties Charmaine & Lossy x

We sourced the jars from local thrift stores, found pebbles at a local beach and collected sticks and scrap material to make the table settings. The only thing we did buy was the goldfish lol.

We spent many hours in our dorm lounge room that we dubbed LoF (Lounge of Fun) cutting, sewing and painting these banners for the night!

With Tys, Jennifer & Rhi <3 
Bust that move! lol.
Clown time with the sister.
With Tegan, Jenny & Rhi...forever love these ladies x
My main x
I am friends with some of the most talented women I know. Friends Rhi & Emma designed and illustrated these personalised award for the night with water colour pencils!
The best closeup OOTN shot I could find. LOVE this dress! My sister found this at our local Salvo's on the "Fancy Dress" rack for ONE DOLLAR! I think it was someone's paint smock or something because there are random paint marks on it that are totally unnoticeable! On the rack it seriously looked like a "dodgy-old-woman-who-wears-no-bra-sack" if you know what I mean lol. but on was so lovely! 

So basically my friends Rhi & Tegan put their hands up for the Grad committee on the condition that myself and my main Jenny helped out...HELLS YES we thought...we love having creative control! Now the only problem was we had zero budget to work with from our Uni. Cool yeah, no. So after meetings with the Student Services Coordinator we agreed that any money we raised he would match it so on we went with numerous fundraising events to get a bit of dosh. It was a vision of ours to share the brilliance of thrifting and our love for second hand things through decorating the event with op-shopped and hand made things and this was the result! It was the best fun and we got loads of compliments and it was so nice to know we did it all at a fraction of the cost!

Its funny...I used to LOATHE second hand clothes because my parents managed a St Vincent DePaul's  so my whole childhood I was dressed in thrifted clothes. The horror of being in year 7 when every surf brand is the jam and all you want is a bloody "Billabong" jumper but all you have are the "cool" Supre jumpers with  Australian animals on them. forward 10 years and here I am, an avid op-shopper with basically a whole wardrobe made up of second hand pieces. Life :)

Long story short...YAY for second hand anything! What do you think?

Big Love xx

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Giant Rubber Duckie!

Hello beautiful readers! Posting today to share with you a super special day spent with my sisters in Sydney City! This day was super special because my sisters and I get very few opportunities to spend time with just us. Our busy lives + distance living apart + shift work + 3 beautiful angels that are my sister Genevieve's kids = not a lot of strictly "Girl time", ya feel me?

Anyway, somehow the stars aligned and it just so happened that we had a WHOLE afternoon/evening of time to burn and soak up each others time that we all miss so much when life gets in the way. We decided to get out of West Sydney and head to Darling Harbour to see the Giant Rubber Duck Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created. It featured on the harbour to celebrate the opening of the 2013 Sydney Festival ! Also, we were super hungry and wanted delicious city food to satisfy our tastebuds so yes off we went!

It was SERRRRRRRRRRRRR hot! Can you tell? To try and keep cool and covered (so I wouldn't get scorched) I wore my I heart NY white tee teamed with this floral, thrifted, full circle skirt. I needed something bright to pair with my basic tee. Converse on the feet for comfort as always, a plain gold chain, some big shades and there you have OOTD.

After wandering around the harbour soaking in the coolness of this big as duck and the 5000 bubble blower's bubbles that were floating around we jumped on the monorail and headed towards China Town, first stop Paddy's Markets. It was the second time to visit Paddy's and I must say from the tiny amount of time we were there there wasn't a whole lot that caught my eye in the way of fashion and accessories however the international food court...YUM! haha. After this we headed to Bangkok Thai Restaurant  right next to Capitol Theatre for food time! We ordered too many dishes and almost finished them all...the soft shell crab with garlic, chilli and shallots was divineeeee!!!
With time getting away from us it was time to jump back on the monorail, find our car park and head back to reality to pick up our kids lol. but not before a quick detour to Strathfield for some deliciousness in a cup at Yogurberry! Frozen yoghurt at its best...if you're in Sydney, GO THERE!

Here are some snaps we managed to get from the day!

We totally ran into Hayley from Fashion Hayley & Carla from Messy Carla in Paddy's Markets! It was a cool meeting for us...we totally made them miss their elevator ride but they were so nice and had a chat and a few pics with us!

Days like these are forever encased in my heart! I love my sisters with a fierce and fun love and cherish the stolen moments, hours and days just like this. I love that now I can share them with you...

Big Love xx

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 17, 2012...

What a day. The day close family & friends watched  two halves become whole in one of the most beauuuuutiful wedding ceremonies I have had the honor to attend. Rhianon is one of my dearest friends I went to College/Uni with and also holidayed in the States with (Chicago and New York 2011). She's a stunning South African beauty and it shows in the few measly pics I managed to snap on my little point & shoot camera throughout the  ceremony and reception. I apologise for the picture quality but hey sometimes the memories are all you need right? lol. hmmm, yeah I'll keep trying to convince myself of that!

Anywho, sister & I along with my main Jenny met up with Miss Magenta for wedding times in a small Central Coast town called Cessnok. It was a mini reunion for us buzzed by wedding excitement! So many things to catch up on in just a few short hours so we were "blah, blah, blahing" non-stop! The wedding was held at a beautiful winery overlooking vineyards and a sea of lush green property and was small and incredibly intimate. Looking around at the few selected guests there, I felt super special to be included in such a magical afternoon/night.

Beautiful flower girls dressed in crochet tops and bursting tutus :) The crochet headband in her hair was also wrapped around the invitations but in a different colour.  

A special mention to my Miss Magenta up the back there & in her DIY flower headband. Its so frikkin cool!

The first dance to an acoustic version of At Last made famous by none other than the one Etta James. A perfect choice if you ask me!

Lashes- BYS $10, Gloss
Lips- BYS (Risky Business) $3, Gloss

I only managed to get a decent outfit shot on the sister's iphone so when I get my hands on that I'll be sharing that too. I based my look on this boldness of this uhh-mazing dress I found in a Salvo's in Auburn, Syd. I've had it for over a year and had planned to wear it to the Celine Dion concert in Vegas but yeah...WAY to hot for that. Finally I was able to show it off to the world! But yeah more on that later. I just kept my face quite clean and light with just some lashes, a light dusting of bronzer, blush and finishing off the look with a lick of my new lipstick! The new nude range by BYS is lovely! If you've come across it, please tell me what you think ;)

I hope wherever you are your start to 2013 has been super fab so far!

Big love x