Friday, June 14, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine...

Hello beautiful AC readers! Hope you're all having a splendid week! This week has been so BUSY in my household packing and organising for New York AND prepping for my nieces Year 12 Formal which she is hopefully having a ball at right now! Somehow I managed to snap these shots on the weekend and I'm finally getting 3 minutes to quickly post this up! PHEW!

What I'm wearing:

  • Blue blazer- thrifted, $3.
  • Pattern skirt- made by sister Falala Mele
  • Wedges- Target, $15

This honestly isn't my most fem moment but this is what I felt like wearing this week. To keep it short and sweet click here for one of my most fave & feminine looks ever! 

Well wishes from Mildura,

Big Love xx

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4th of July, 2012!

There are just 10 teeeeeeeny sleeps until we leave the cold of Australia and return to the amazingness that is New York City for the THIRD time! I seriously can't believe I have been twice already let alone preparing for the third trip. I feel quite snooty actually when I tell people that I have been twice before but trust me when I say that E.V.E.R.Y spare penny goes in to the savings account to get me there, lol. This year we are super excited to be attending some Full Figured Fashion events as well as seeing our beautiful New Yorker friends!

This has me remincing about last year's trip and about how much I haven't blogged about it! Sooooooo say hello to my 4th of July afternoon at the African Arts Festival in Brooklyn!

It was soooooo hot in the afternoon as we made our way to Brooklyn on the subway. We were greeted by our fab Trinni sissy Candice who had a cab waiting and then headed to the festival. Cue a sea of vibrant colours, fly, organic style, delicious food, live music, giant lemonades and intense heat! It was the most amazing sight! The eyeballs went gaga. We were invited by our newly found sisters Gabby and Candice to go watch Gabby dance at the festival and so glad we was a complete visual treat and we loved every minute. Here, have a look...

What I wore:

  • Floral blazer did NOT last long in the heat)- thrifted, $3
  • Oversized black cotton top- Kmart $5
  • Blue tube skirt- Kmart $10
  • Beach comber canvas shoes- thrifted, $5
  • Clip on earrings- thrifted $3

10 sleeps, 10 sleeps, 10 sleeps...

I can't wait!

Big love xx

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aussie Curves: GREEN!

Hi ho, hi ho it's into green I go...

ALOHA AUSSIE CURVES LADIES!!! I have  missed you all so much! After a failed attempt to post for last weeks theme I have finally made it back into the game!! Here's what I wore to church today...please excuse the iphone cam:

  • Green Blazer- Thrifted, Salvos $6
  • Floral dress- Thrifted, Vinnies $4
  • Emerson heels size 11- Big W, $10
  • Handbag- Cotton on, gifted
  • Nail polish- Diva in the Tropical 3 pack nail polish 
  • Earrings- Thrifted, Red Cross, $2

those cool mirror shots with the sister x

side shot with the niecey :)


my College girl Stelle & niece Tay x

I love this green seriously makes my LIFE and fits like a dream! This was the first time out for a spin for these heels. I usually only ever wear wedges because for me comfort trumps just about everything but today I though a little extra green couldn't hurt!

I can't wait to see how you ladies rocked one of my fave colours! I'm off to do the rounds...

Big Love xx