Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aussie Curves: Strapless...eeeek!

"And with the passing of pastels week we have...I'm sorry what was that?...strapless? STRAPLESS?!! Ewwwwwwww, no!!!!"

That was my internal dialogue when I was checking what was next on the Aussie Curves challenge list. lol. This week's outfit challenge has by far been the hardest for me. My arms are my biggest "no go zone" haha. We all have that one part of our body that when dressing we make sure to cover up or dress in a way that is more flattering than others. For me its a no brainer..."cover those arms girl!" This is at the top of the list especially when I'm headed out clubbing or dancing coz one way or another these arms of mine end up waving around in the air and yeah I just like to have that ishh handled lol.

So yes, that being said this weeks challenge had me a bit scared to be in front of the camera because I don't think I've had my bare arms out in the world since I was like 6...haha let alone freezing them in time forever in these pics...YAY for a liberation that was all mine today! Thanks Aussie Curves for the push!


I went for a bit of an earthy look basing my outift around my skirt and its colours and patterns. I added the colour block bracelet cuff for a bit of rich burst in between the earthy tones and the wedge heels for a bit of height! Ladies with size 11W feet like mine check out Target for these babies! Super comfy with a sensible heel that won't kill your life! I'm still searching for a pair in black...they're all sold out where I am! :'( lol.

Black tube bra, $10 Fashion Fair/ Patterned skirt, $6 MS Op shop/ Ankle strap wedge heels, $32 Target/ Beaded bracelet cuff, $6 Diva/ Feather earrings, $3 Diva

When it comes to the arm department do you cover up or let it all hang out?!! Either way I think the most important thing is how YOU feel and how this effects the way you carry yourself when stepping out the door for the day or night! If it makes you happy grab it by the balls and run as far as you can with whatever it is that makes your heart smile!! haha! :)

Have THE BEST week ladies!

Big love x

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aussie Curves: Pastels!


Hello wonderful Aussie Curves ladies and passers by! Far out, another week has past and apparently there are only something like (according to Sunrise) 47 shopping days left til Christmas?! WTFudge?! haha. Anywho, welcome to pastels week! I get to share my photos from the night my ear balls and eye balls were blessed by the awesomeness of Lady Antebellum!! This is like one of the 3 pastel items in my closet (I am seriously lacking...). I find myself pastel-ing most of the time to church but here is my mint collared number from Lily & Lou that I wore all the way from West Sydney to the Opera House! LOL. See more on our Lady A excursion here on sister's blog! :)

Please if you don't know the amazingness of Lady Antebellum take the plunge!! haha.

Anywho, here's what I wore:

 Jacket from sister's closet, thrifted $3/Mint collared shirt, Lily and Lou $35/Tube skirt, Kmart $10/Shoes, All-Star Converse $40/Handbag, thrifted $2.


Can't wait to see you Pastel Queens rock what you got coz I don't got much!

Big love until next time x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

OOTD: Pastels for Church.

A quick OOTD post of my outfit for church yesterday (snaps for the handy camera phone)! The upcoming challenge for Aussie Curves this week is pastels! This had me in the wardrobe looking for all thing pastel or close enough in my case because trust me when I say...there aren't many! haha! This skirt is a piece in my wardrobe that I LOVE. I picked it up from my local Salvo's for like $3. I love it so much because its flowy and feminine. The colours are soft and it totes has that 90's vibe. I remember my ma rocking skirts similar to this back when I was a kid and while I usually say I would never dress like my mum (bless, I love her more than life itself but yeah nah...) I was like "YEP, I'LL TAKE THIS" when I found it on the rack!  LOL. no shame :)

Top, thrifted (Millers) $3/Skirt, thrifted $3/Wedge boots, Rivers $20/Silk head scarf, thrifted $1/Handbag, thrifted $3/Clip on earrings, thrifted $2/Sunnies, Low & Behold $7.

Fill me in on your pastel lives lovelies!!

Big Love until next time x

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OOTD: "I'm going viking..."

Just a quick OOTD collage taken from my lil ol' camera phone. I am so bad for updating my blog regulary mainly because I always feel time poor but this is a quick way for me to keep up with myself! LOL. I found this tee at my local Vinnies Op shop! I love it because the caption made me laugh out loud, I don't know why I found it so funny but it did so I had to get it! Its a cold and overcast day today and also my day off hence my uber comfy outfit! The hair was not being done today so cue the beanie and there you have it, why I'm wearing what I'm wearing today! I love over sized tops and tee's because I feel they help hide my problem areas while showcasing my legs which I don't mind at all ;)

Hope your day is going breezy! How do you do casual/comfy?

Peace until next time x

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aussie Curves: Polka polka, polka!

Hi beautiful ladies!!!

How are we all this week?! I'm feeling so frikkin amaze balls right about now because I SHOULD be at work teaching my little lovely ones but instead I am still laxing out on my Melbourne long weekend with my sister and friends! As I type we've got girlies still lazing around our room talking smack and giggling about this that and other while sister is cooking up a mean feed for breakfast! Can't wait to eat...sharing food is one of the best things in life I feel!! (That's the islander in ANYWHO, here is my polka dot post!! I got my polka dot shirt which I think is the bee's knees!! :) Its oversized but its not just a straight cut which is why I love it so much. It tapers in at the waist and flairs out again which I only realised when I put it on...a pleasant suprise :)

 I gotta say I don't usually EVER wear polka dots because its totes my sisters thing! Polka dots are a staple part of her wardrobe and for some unspoken reason we usually don't wear each other's "thing" if you know what I mean, lol. Having said that i picked this shirt up in our local Salvo's before I knew we had a polka dot challenge so wasn't that just a cool coincidence!! :) Speaking of coincidences...I also found this sweet knitted jumper on the same day...Isn't the colour just the business?!! Its really warm but yeah the

Polka dot pattern shirt, Salvo's $3/Knitted jumper, Salvo's $3/Denim shorts, DIY/Shoes, thrifted but from Rivers $2
Shades, sister's closet/Clip on earrings, MS op shop $2
Guys! This is my new (thrifted of course, haha) bag...I love it! It's hard case and so sturdy AND it was only $2!! I think I will call him Harry! :)

How do you rock the dots guys?! Its not my thing but it SO IS in this shirt! lol.

Peace & Love for the week ahead xx