Saturday, November 10, 2012

OOTD: Pastels for Church.

A quick OOTD post of my outfit for church yesterday (snaps for the handy camera phone)! The upcoming challenge for Aussie Curves this week is pastels! This had me in the wardrobe looking for all thing pastel or close enough in my case because trust me when I say...there aren't many! haha! This skirt is a piece in my wardrobe that I LOVE. I picked it up from my local Salvo's for like $3. I love it so much because its flowy and feminine. The colours are soft and it totes has that 90's vibe. I remember my ma rocking skirts similar to this back when I was a kid and while I usually say I would never dress like my mum (bless, I love her more than life itself but yeah nah...) I was like "YEP, I'LL TAKE THIS" when I found it on the rack!  LOL. no shame :)

Top, thrifted (Millers) $3/Skirt, thrifted $3/Wedge boots, Rivers $20/Silk head scarf, thrifted $1/Handbag, thrifted $3/Clip on earrings, thrifted $2/Sunnies, Low & Behold $7.

Fill me in on your pastel lives lovelies!!

Big Love until next time x

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