Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Just touched down in London Town"...

Well not "just" but I love that American Boy song by Estelle and every time I think of London, I sing that line in my head lol. anywaaaaaaay...

WE MADE IT TO LONDON...AND WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST 3 MONTHS NOW!!!! So surreal!!! Our wifi FINALLY connected today so as our screams of joy rang out through Leyton I knew I wanted to celebrate this occasion with a post since I'm suppose to be gettin' my blogging life while here. I feel like there is SO MUCH to download from my brain right now but pictures are way prettier than a bazillion words so this is where I share my instagram life with you. I have shamefully come to London without an ACTUAL camera *gasps of horror* so have only had my gracious camera phone to capture my first few months of London life thus far. But don't worry, I have a camera on it's way and I'm so excited to get it and start snapping my little life away! ANYWAY, got your scrolling finger ready?...GO! :)

This is a WHOLE mish-mash of the last 3 months! What I've been wearing, eating, doing, seeing and just life in general! Like I said, I can't wait to get my camera and start blogging again for real! I love looking back on memories made. London is a totally a giant cup of craziness! So many ups and downs in terms of emotions, decision making and getting things done to be able to settle in a home and start working to fund this life! Stir in homesickness and the beginning of a cold Winter when it's Summer at home in Australia and already it has been a bloody wild ride! I can not even begin to know what the next 3 months will hold (besides the freezing cold) but I want those coming memories to be here on the blog! I'll leave it there for now.

Big Love xx

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