Sunday, August 10, 2014

NYE: Aloha Hawaii x

My sister Mele and sister-friends Ruth and Stelle were lucky enough to spend New Years Eve of 2013/14 in Oahu, Hawaii! It all began with our beautiful Hawaiian friend Mary who's wedding we were heading over for, a little into the New Year. This landed us with the luck of two NYE's as we were traveling from Australia (a day behind the states) so we left on NYE, arrived in Honolulu and just like Groundhog Day...did it all again!

We were meant to spend NYE with Mary and her family but there was a change in plans once we'd arrived so we were left to out own devices for the exciting! We heard there was some awesome outdoor celebrations going down at Kakaako Beach Park on the other side of town so with a little bit of research we bought some tickets online, dolled up, downed a lil liquor and were off to greet our first Hawaiian evening and welcome in 2014!

The beach park was awesome fun and although the pictures I could rustle up do not show too much of it, was beautifully littered with: amazing food vans, park rides, lights, a variety of stages ft. DJ's and Reggae bands and scattered crowds of dancing and happy families and friends. SO MUCH FUN was had exploring and soaking in all my surroundings. For the longest time Hawaii was THE most desired destination on our list of places to travel besides NYC. Finally we were there and what a way to bring in the New Year!

It was a beautiful balmy night in the park and I wanted to keep both cool and comfy so I wore my yellow cotton cropped top from Supre paired with my floral skirt from Kmart and my Le Coq Sportif leather flats. Winning!

The post was a long time coming but during this cold of Winter, is warmly welcome. Oh how I will miss warm nights and the buzz of Summer in the air when I'm in London. 

Big Love x

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