Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aussie Curves: SKIRTS!

Hello to all the lovely Aussie Curves ladies and anyone else having a peek at my blog! I hope you have had a weekend that was exactly what you needed whether it be fun, family, friends or just a simple quiet one. My weekend has been busy! We're getting ready to farewell my niece who is heading back to NZ after living with us since July *tear* so the weekend has been jam packed with family, church, cooking (we made a soul food feast of Southern fried chicken, potato salad, slaw, greens and corn bread *droooool* watching The Help the other day brought that on haha), a night out with the girls, everyday errands like grocery shopping and checking out the fresh farmer's markets for vegies and everything else in between.  I'm tired, lol. and all I can say is I'm really glad I had pics ready to roll for this weeks challenge...skirts!!

I looooove skirts! Haven't been much of a pant person for a while but I'm always in skirts or dresses! I got this tube skirt from Kmart at the beginning of the year on sale!! :) I really dig the tribal print and wear this when I'm just running around with stuff to do in town and its a hot day!

I paired my skirt with one of my staple oversized black cotton tops which I also got from Kmart on sale for $5 a while back! I love the tube style skirt as I usually bear my legs because I'm a shorty and wearing 3/4's or maxi's cut my length BUT I still do enjoy a flowing maxi every now and then especially in winter!!

Turban style head wrap/Forever 21 $6, Cotton tee/Kmart $5, Tribal tube skirt/Kmart $5, High-top sneakers- Converse/ Converse outlet store $30, Blue pleather handbag/ Thrifted- RSPCA opshop $3

How do you do skirts?! What's your favourite style and why? If skirts aren't your thing I hope you've at least had a bit of fun strpping outside your comfort zone this week! :)

Stay beautiful ladies and have a smashing week xx

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Sapphires...

I am a huuuuuuuuge fan of Australian films so when I heard that the musical "The Sapphires was being adapted for the big screen featuring one of my all-time favourite Aussie actors Deborah Mailman...I squealed. LOL. This was the most exciting news for my sister and I. The Sapphires is set in the 50's-60's which had my roomies (my sis, niece and cousin) and I wear some 50's & 60's inspired outfits to watch our most anticipated movie of the year! Some may think this is totes daggy or shame but honestly...we don't currrrrr haha. We are living in a country town at the moment due to teaching work so it was inevitable that we got some curious looks being so "dressed up just for the movies" but it made the viewing all that much more fun. Our beautiful mami and our friend Malo, her little sister and her mum came along too so it was a ladies night! :)

The Sapphires is the most heart-warming, hilariously, amazing film that depicts true adversities met by Indigenous Australians of that era and how four beautiful women followed their dreams of singing all the way to Vietnam to sing for soldiers serving in the Vietnam War at the time. The movie had me bursting out with in-containable laughter one second, sobbing tears the next only to have me cracking up the second later. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD! Yes, the many o's are necessary! haha :) If you haven't seen it already, please educate yourself with this piece of Aussie film magic!! Oh and the soundtrack....damn ; get that too!! 

Here is my OOTN:

I really loved this outfit because it made me feel like a ladyyyyyy :) The feminine floral with the knitted cardigan was a match made in lady heaven & my wedges...I'm in love with them, they're so comfy!

Knitted cardigan $2/Thrifted, Floral dress $5/ thrifted & from sister's closet, wedge heels $30/Target this season, Woven tan bag $15/Equip three seasons ago.

haha, blotchy red face from crying like a beetch at the end of the movie.
Tali & Fasi with the supplies.

Trying to show my nail polish off but looking like I'm awkwardly grabbing my boob lol.
with my wonderful mami <3

If you haven't seen it already, please educate yourself with this piece of Aussie film magic!! Oh and the soundtrack....damn ; get that too!! *walks off singing "what a man, what a man, what a man, what a might GOOD man..."* 

Love xx

Ball buster...

My sister calls me a ball buster...She does this because I'm the one that is constantly policing things (or telling everyone what to do is what she says lol) that are going on in the house to make sure things don't get left undone. That makes me sound so boring...I'm not though I promise, haha. If you don't know me I love spending most of my time being ridiculous. I get in trouble a lot for making random noises, talking jibberish and making fun out of boring situations. I guess this all comes from being an Early Childhood Teacher. Being dull is such a drag so I'm always making a noise or sparking conversation in the "awkward silence". This is me MOST of the time but when it comes down to business and things need to get done I become what my sister calls the "enforcer" and just make sure that what needs to be done is done. SO SUE ME...hahaha :)

This brings me to the point that I'm trying to make. My sister calls me the ball buster when it comes to that sort of stuff but something I think she doesn't know is the way she busts my bloody balls when it comes to a part of my life I loooooove but somehow ALWAYS manage to put on the back burner and something she has become quite proficient in keeping regularly on top of...THIS BLOGGING BUSINESS!! LOL. She started a blog a couple of years back (Falala Mele) and its super cool...check out her stuff. Her blog inspired me to start my own and I am yet to get it to a place where I'm happily cruising but I'm getting there...I hope. ANYWAYS, she constantly reminds me & encourages me to put new stuff up on here and I'm constantly forgetting/running out of time/being lazy when the opportunity presents itself so LONG story short I am finally sharing some photos of our (my sis, niece & cuz) last trip to Melbourne City with our lovely ladies.

I looooooove when we get together because we all have such a different, cool and eclectic sense of style that I only really notice when I look back at pics and it just make my insides smile! lol. So this one is for you all but especially for my sister who I thank for the inspiration to share style, fashion, ideas, beauty and confidence.


Cardigan/Thrifted $5 Salvo's, Oversized black tee/Kmart $5, Tights/Kmart $8/ Sneakers/ Converse Hi-tops $30, Rucksack $8

My niece Lee (in the beanie) is a budding fashion designer aspiring to make it to MFI in the near future. This was her first sighting lol.

Clownin' :)

Love heart clip on earrings thrifted from MS op-shop $2

with Tali :)
we finally found our tram stop...haha

Love to you Miss Rates...haha :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aussie Curves: Knits, slice & everything nice...

This week's challenge calls for garments of the knitted kind. I love knit wear, for me it always adds a feminine touch which is exactly what I was looking for in this case and outfit choice. These photo's were taken a month or two back. My Wade Ave ladies & I had come from church and headed to the "Search for the best Vanilla slice" market day in Merbien, a small town about 15 minutes from where we live. I love small town happenings they're so "Glimore Girls" which I also love (oh and I won't forget my love for vanilla slice), haha. So of course we had to go check it out! :) I wore wedges with this outfit to church but slipped into my canvas shoes before heading out because we were going to be walking around a lot! It was a good day despite the sadness to our lives when we got there at 1pm and were told all the vanilla slice sold out by 10am!! lol.

I totally just realised once again that this whole outfit besides my bag is thrifted :) This is becoming more and more common because my sister & I just love finding individual pieces at a fraction of the price and we share everrrrrything! It's a good time! Op-shop people...its the way to go!

ANYWAY, here was my OOTD:

Creme knitted cardigan $2 Vinnies/Flroal wrap dress, sisters wardrobe/Beach comber canvas shoes, $3 Salvos/Tan plaited handbag, $10 Equip 3 seasons back/ Glasses, sister's wardrobe :)

and then the wind blew...

Beautiful vintage cars were EVERYWHERE! It is my dream to one day own one of these babies!

 Enough of do you do knits?! :)

Love x

Monday, October 8, 2012

Aussie Curves: Blue Bayou OOTN :)

This is a quick one lovlies due to my ridiculously busy past two weeks aswell as the week I'm in right now!

I wore this "blurple" (blue/purple...yes I may have just made that up haha) blazer type jacket out on our last night in Manhattan! This jacket was actually a long button down dress that just didn't fit so I cropped and hemmed it, turning it into a jacket. I had to do something to it when it wouldn't fit the way it was created because I loved the colour and shoulder detailing on it so MUCH! :)

  paried this with this black, loose-peplum type top from the H&M basics range and a black and white striped tube skirt from K-Mart (last season). For the shoes I wore my SUPER comfy slipper-esqe feeling wedge boots that I found from Rivers on sale for $20 (to all my ladies size 11/12 that find it hard to find comfy shoes, HIT UP RIVERS! Not always my style but every now and then something will pop up that I love!) lol. I wore these because of the comfort factor. I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve to dance when I go out so I must ensure that my feet can handle a long night of stomping! haha :)

Ruth rocking her Blue Suede shoes :)

Our NYC crew ft. sister, Ruth, Gabby & Candice...Thank you Gabby & Candice for errrrythang! We LOVE you :)

Blue being the topic this week had my music minded brain swirling with all the songs that have blue in it or a blue theme...if you havn't heard this beauuuuutiful song by Aussie Adrian Hood check it out! It's called Brown eyed blues :) It was released as part of the soundtrack to a movie in the US called "Daddy's Little Girls" directed by none other than the uuuh-mazing Tyler Perry.

So ladies, because I love talking music whenever I can...What is YOUR fave blue song?! Please share!!

Love xx