Monday, October 8, 2012

Aussie Curves: Blue Bayou OOTN :)

This is a quick one lovlies due to my ridiculously busy past two weeks aswell as the week I'm in right now!

I wore this "blurple" (blue/purple...yes I may have just made that up haha) blazer type jacket out on our last night in Manhattan! This jacket was actually a long button down dress that just didn't fit so I cropped and hemmed it, turning it into a jacket. I had to do something to it when it wouldn't fit the way it was created because I loved the colour and shoulder detailing on it so MUCH! :)

  paried this with this black, loose-peplum type top from the H&M basics range and a black and white striped tube skirt from K-Mart (last season). For the shoes I wore my SUPER comfy slipper-esqe feeling wedge boots that I found from Rivers on sale for $20 (to all my ladies size 11/12 that find it hard to find comfy shoes, HIT UP RIVERS! Not always my style but every now and then something will pop up that I love!) lol. I wore these because of the comfort factor. I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve to dance when I go out so I must ensure that my feet can handle a long night of stomping! haha :)

Ruth rocking her Blue Suede shoes :)

Our NYC crew ft. sister, Ruth, Gabby & Candice...Thank you Gabby & Candice for errrrythang! We LOVE you :)

Blue being the topic this week had my music minded brain swirling with all the songs that have blue in it or a blue theme...if you havn't heard this beauuuuutiful song by Aussie Adrian Hood check it out! It's called Brown eyed blues :) It was released as part of the soundtrack to a movie in the US called "Daddy's Little Girls" directed by none other than the uuuh-mazing Tyler Perry.

So ladies, because I love talking music whenever I can...What is YOUR fave blue song?! Please share!!

Love xx


  1. love that you changed a dress into a jacket.
    Fav Blue songs?
    Computer Blue - Prince
    True Blue - Madonna

    1. I LOVE TRUE BLUE! I havn't Computer Blue but yay, a new (to me) song to get to know! THANKS! :)

  2. I have no idea about blue songs! OMG. I'm so lame. Haha.

    But this outfit I LOVE. You're all kinds of gorgeous and this outfit is just perfection. Smart move on the dress to blazer conversion. Well played lady, well played.

    1. haha! You are too kind dear! :) Seriously though if i love something enough that doesn't fit i'll just cut it whichever way i need to to make it work! LOL. :)

  3. Haha! 'Blurple'! That colour really complements your hair! Love the whole look: looks like you guys had a ball in NY x

  4. Don't it make my brown eyessss blueeeeee :) Country to the bone baby!

    You are fly ;) you and that burple jacket