Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aussie Curves: Homemade...

Hello lovelies! Wow, I can't believe this is the last in the list of the very first Aussie Curves photo challenge and what a cool way to finish...HOMEMADE!

I love anything crafted to one's own taste. Individuality and personal flavours in style are my most favourite things. It is what I love about fashion.

This is the perfect excuse to share with you my outfit I wore to the Full Figured Fashion Week, Curves at Sea, All white cruise.

So it was two weeks before we were due to fly out to NYC and I had a cute white dress I found at one of my local op shops. My sister and I hemmed and altered it and it was all ready to go except I just didn't feel that thing that you feel when you put on an outfit and your just like....yeaaaaaaaaah! lol. You know that feeling when you just feel right?! I didn't have THAT feeling. It was so cute though, checked all the right boxes but nope back to the drawing board I went...

Talking to my sister about it I just knew I wanted something lace/t-shirt style/boho-ish/cool (temperature wise) that was totally cute, haha. Yes, I kiiiinda had an idea in my head of what I wanted so in we went to our local Spotlight to see what they had in the way of making me a flyyyyy dress. I found an off white cotton lace on the shelf and just instantly knew that that was it!

My sister is so fabulous and is always sewing for me because I have not yet perfected the art of the sewing machine yet so the credit for this beautiful baby goes to her...THANK YOU SIS!!

So we used no pattern to make this. I have an oversized, cotton tee from Kmart circa 2011 that I knew would be a cute cut and shape for the look that I wanted so i went digging around in my closet. Next thing I knew we were on the kitchen floor, cutting around this beautiful cotton lace. It was very delicate to work with. It was my sisters first time sewing with this fabric and she was constantly stopping and starting to get it right. And in the end she did. I LOOOOOOOVED IT! When I put it on it was EXACTLY what I had wanted before I knew it!

The white cruise was so much fun! It was the only FFFW event besides the Indie Runway Fashion Show that we knew we HAD to go to. This was also the very first FFFW event we attended in the week! It was honestly quite surreal meeting beautiful bloggers I've been following for a while but more than that it was amazing to be part of a group of women who are all a part of spreading the message that body size/shape does not, can not and will not define who we are as people and what we deserve in life.  Beautiful women working it like they knew how, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Here are some photos from the night!

nothing like a hectic NYC cab ride in your finest, lol

with sisters Mele, Gabby, Candice & Sia x

with Jen the owner of plus size clothing label Seraphim and my sissys Mele, Candice & Sia x


My flower crown is a traditional Niuean head dress called a fou-fou. My sisters and I wore ours for a pop of colour but more importantly to represent our beautiful island culture x

with my beautiful fellow Aussies: Dani from DaniMezza and Ashley from This is Ashley Rose

with the beautiful Jennifer from Jasifer Lions Club & our lovely Aussie girl Jacqui x

love my sis x

babes x

Stay tuned for some more New York City adventures...

Big Love x


  1. Love these photos!! you look gorgeous, love the flower crown!

    1. thanks lovely one! The flower crown was home made, we left it in NYC with one of our friends there! :) x

  2. Loving the dress, you look so beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous outfits - you all look amazing. The material of your dress looks so delicate. Love the lip colour!

    1. Hey Karyn! well your right about the fabric being delicate! I am one of those people who get their clothes stuck on everything so I was being super careful not to do that with this dress on! lol. :) x

  4. You look so very beautiful in your lace dress and I adore the flower head dresses you all wore. What a wonderful way to represent your island culture in the middle of New York City, haome to people from all over the world.

    1. Hello lovely! Thank you so much for the love...appreciate it! it was so much fun :) x

  5. Loving this Aussie curves! Great photos! I love everyone looks happy and care free! Looked so fun! Every dress is killing it! Girl everyones look GREAT! And might I say, I love love love your hair!
    New follower! :)

    Much Love from California:)

  6. Hey girl!! Nice to meet you! It was so much fun...even trying to keep balanced on wedges while the boat rocked and the wind blew my hair in every direction possible! lol. thanks for stopping in!! xx