Sunday, August 25, 2013

NYC Round 3...The first night!

Hello lovelies!

If you know me, you know I'm shocking at posting things that I would love to share with you shortly after it's actually happened. So here I am a month after our NYC trip, sharing with you some pics of our first night back in our beloved city showing our sissy around for the very first time and watching her fall in love with it just like we did...

love you Ruthy, thank you for always putting up with us! Back in a Yellow Cab <3

Our cozy hotel room at The Pod Hotel on 51st St, Mid Town Manhattan <3

Yes, much needed shower time :)

Times Square <3

Sister Sia x

What I wore: Sheer tribal pattern hi-lo top from Supre Factory Sydney $5/DIY Denim shorts Kmart $12/ Sandals Kmart $5/ Leather hand bag, thrifted $3

sisters, dead from the epic flight but too happy to care!

Times Square <3
We had our own balcony, fave place <3
So there's a quick look at our first night in NYC. We also hit Grand Central Station and a pizza place along the way for our first NY slice....oh how I would love a slice right now!!!

Hope you are well where ever you are and whatever you have on right now.

Big Love xx


  1. Hiiii Sophie!! Seriously I get so sad and long for NY every time I look over my photos!! One of the best places in the world! xx