Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aussie Curves: Swim wear!

Swim wear week! So I have these pics from my Summer spent at home but before I continue with that I'm gonna go ahead and share with you a little bit more about me and how I don't ever wear swim wear. I grew up on the South Coast of NSW in two places: a town called Nowra (where I lived with my family) and a tiny Aboriginal mission 30 mins from Nowra called Wreck Bay (where my Aunty & Uncle, my second set of parents lived). My afternoons after school, weekends and holidays were all spent at the beach at Wreck Bay.

Hours and hours and hours of my childhood were spent at the beach and I was NEVER in a swim suit. Oh wait I got a pair of swimmers when I was in like year 6. They were red with a white hibiscus on the front and I never wore them because I was horrified at that age of how my chubby body looked in them (poor 11 year old me, haha). Also one Christmas, I would have been about 8, my sister and cousins got the COOLEST "worry dolls" for presents off my big sister. I eagerly unwrapped my present and my dream coming true of worry dolls crumbled before my eyes as I stared at what I thought was the fugliest pair of black and white polka-dot swimmers I had EVER laid eyes on.

 Now, not that these were like "pivotal moments" that I remember that led to me never wearing swim wear but its just a bit of an indicator of me and my lack of need/want for bathers. Now that I actually AM thinking of it I'm pretty certain the fact that our home beach is so un-populated by tourists and usually just sees the local community is the reason why the need to get "dressed up" for the beach has never been great. Hmmm usual staple clothes for swimming are short tights, a paleu or sarong, bra and singlet oh and of course a t-shirt to cover up because Lord knows I burn. LOL. This day however was an exception.

 It was New Years Day 2013 and the sisters and I decided the night before that we would have fun and party with the family but what we wouldn't do was get trashed and then sleep/be hungover and feeling gross for the dawn of another new year. So with 3 hours sleep we woke at 6am for the hike to just one of the beautiful secluded beaches in our back yard. I hadn't planned on swimming because it was cold and I was subconsciously being a Boring Betty haha, but the closer we got the higher the sun got and it was waaaaaay to perfect to pass up. Hence me swimming in my sports bras and a sarong my sis packed as a "just in case...".

Maybe one day I'll buy a pair...I've always wanted a pair of vintage/50's or 60's styled swimmers. They are the most beautiful in my opinion! What styles do you prefer?

Keen with the sisaaaays.

Whitings Beach, Wreck Bay, ACT.
What I swam in...this time. haha.

The hike back.

The poor quality iphone shot. Of course this is my favorite pic of the lot.

Big Love x


  1. love the bikini top and skirt combo, looks great!

    1. thankssss! It was a total impromptu swimming outfit! haha, thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. LOVING that floral skirt with the green bikini top. You look absolutely lovely. Your fun spirit reminds me of Hilda - the chick I blogged about here:
    And that's a damn fine compliment! The paintings look like your photos.

    1. HI SOPHIE! haha thanksss so much for the love! I LOVE Hilda! lol. :)

  3. ahhh i wish we had the same weather here... :(
    your blog is really amazing and you look so beautiful!
    would you like to follow each other? i already follow you. ;)
    nessi from hungary