Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aussie Curves: PURPLE!

Hello beautiful Aussie Curves readers!

Purple week is here...WOOHOO! I love purple! One of my favvvvve colours to wear, always has been! I have been so busy with travelling home after the Summer holidays, unpacking our lives and getting straight back into preparing for the new teaching year that I have had no time to take any OOTD shots on the good camera (I have managed to get a few on my Samsung Galaxy!).It is definitely not a first choice of mine to use outfit shots from my phone on my blog which is why I have once again dug up some photos from my US trip last June/July to share with you...that and the fact that I just love reliving my USA life LOL. (I need to go back immediately ) Ehh ANYWAY, here is what I wore to the most anticipated night of my life for the whole of 2012...CELINE DION IN CONCERT IN VEGAS!!!!

People laugh at me when I say how much I love Celine because apparrrrrrently she's "old" and for "old people" but WHATEVZ...I will fly my Celine flag high until forever because I truly believe she is the GREATEST voice of our time! There was always a top 3 for me Mariah, Whitney & Celine. Whitney's gone *tear*, Mariah's voice fell down a well & never came back so Celine is the last (wo)man standing with her timeless voice, beauty & Grace. So yeah...I love Celine, LOL.

Here's how I wore purple:

Purple floral shirt/jacket- thrifted, Salvo's $3/  Fluro high-neck shirt, thrifted (Millers) Vinnie's $6/ Ruffle skirt, City Chic $20/ Wedge boots, Rivers $20/ Tan handbag, Equip $15.

Love this sparkle number sister thrifted from one of our favourite local opshops Mickey & Mallory.

I seriously love Ruth's dress she picked up in Forever21 in NYC paired with her blue suede pumps.

Totally clowning with our "sing like Celine" faces. LOL.
 Is there a musician or music artist who just makes your whole life? Do tell...

Big Love x


  1. very nice you and your sis can pass for twinsies :)...both of your styles are great <3

    1. Hiiii Cara!!! Thanks for stopping by...yeah we get asked if we're twins ALL the time! :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! You look fantastic! If you want the linky for the blog I have it on mine :) I want a purple jacket like that!

    1. Heeeeey Ezmae!! :) oh YES please, i'll stop by and get it! I tried but it wouldn't work!! Thanks!

  3. OMG you look gorgeous in purple. Love the entire look and color combo!