Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Giant Rubber Duckie!

Hello beautiful readers! Posting today to share with you a super special day spent with my sisters in Sydney City! This day was super special because my sisters and I get very few opportunities to spend time with just us. Our busy lives + distance living apart + shift work + 3 beautiful angels that are my sister Genevieve's kids = not a lot of strictly "Girl time", ya feel me?

Anyway, somehow the stars aligned and it just so happened that we had a WHOLE afternoon/evening of time to burn and soak up each others time that we all miss so much when life gets in the way. We decided to get out of West Sydney and head to Darling Harbour to see the Giant Rubber Duck Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created. It featured on the harbour to celebrate the opening of the 2013 Sydney Festival ! Also, we were super hungry and wanted delicious city food to satisfy our tastebuds so yes off we went!

It was SERRRRRRRRRRRRR hot! Can you tell? To try and keep cool and covered (so I wouldn't get scorched) I wore my I heart NY white tee teamed with this floral, thrifted, full circle skirt. I needed something bright to pair with my basic tee. Converse on the feet for comfort as always, a plain gold chain, some big shades and there you have OOTD.

After wandering around the harbour soaking in the coolness of this big as duck and the 5000 bubble blower's bubbles that were floating around we jumped on the monorail and headed towards China Town, first stop Paddy's Markets. It was the second time to visit Paddy's and I must say from the tiny amount of time we were there there wasn't a whole lot that caught my eye in the way of fashion and accessories however the international food court...YUM! haha. After this we headed to Bangkok Thai Restaurant  right next to Capitol Theatre for food time! We ordered too many dishes and almost finished them all...the soft shell crab with garlic, chilli and shallots was divineeeee!!!
With time getting away from us it was time to jump back on the monorail, find our car park and head back to reality to pick up our kids lol. but not before a quick detour to Strathfield for some deliciousness in a cup at Yogurberry! Frozen yoghurt at its best...if you're in Sydney, GO THERE!

Here are some snaps we managed to get from the day!

We totally ran into Hayley from Fashion Hayley & Carla from Messy Carla in Paddy's Markets! It was a cool meeting for us...we totally made them miss their elevator ride but they were so nice and had a chat and a few pics with us!

Days like these are forever encased in my heart! I love my sisters with a fierce and fun love and cherish the stolen moments, hours and days just like this. I love that now I can share them with you...

Big Love xx


  1. Lovely post! And you bumped into Fashion Haley! :O

    1. Hey Sophie!! YES!! lol. it was the weirdest moment, haha and so cool...they were lovely ladies!! :) Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Heya, like I said it was so nice to bump into you guys!!! Love the post x