Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 17, 2012...

What a day. The day close family & friends watched  two halves become whole in one of the most beauuuuutiful wedding ceremonies I have had the honor to attend. Rhianon is one of my dearest friends I went to College/Uni with and also holidayed in the States with (Chicago and New York 2011). She's a stunning South African beauty and it shows in the few measly pics I managed to snap on my little point & shoot camera throughout the  ceremony and reception. I apologise for the picture quality but hey sometimes the memories are all you need right? lol. hmmm, yeah I'll keep trying to convince myself of that!

Anywho, sister & I along with my main Jenny met up with Miss Magenta for wedding times in a small Central Coast town called Cessnok. It was a mini reunion for us buzzed by wedding excitement! So many things to catch up on in just a few short hours so we were "blah, blah, blahing" non-stop! The wedding was held at a beautiful winery overlooking vineyards and a sea of lush green property and was small and incredibly intimate. Looking around at the few selected guests there, I felt super special to be included in such a magical afternoon/night.

Beautiful flower girls dressed in crochet tops and bursting tutus :) The crochet headband in her hair was also wrapped around the invitations but in a different colour.  

A special mention to my Miss Magenta up the back there & in her DIY flower headband. Its so frikkin cool!

The first dance to an acoustic version of At Last made famous by none other than the one Etta James. A perfect choice if you ask me!

Lashes- BYS $10, Gloss
Lips- BYS (Risky Business) $3, Gloss

I only managed to get a decent outfit shot on the sister's iphone so when I get my hands on that I'll be sharing that too. I based my look on this boldness of this uhh-mazing dress I found in a Salvo's in Auburn, Syd. I've had it for over a year and had planned to wear it to the Celine Dion concert in Vegas but yeah...WAY to hot for that. Finally I was able to show it off to the world! But yeah more on that later. I just kept my face quite clean and light with just some lashes, a light dusting of bronzer, blush and finishing off the look with a lick of my new lipstick! The new nude range by BYS is lovely! If you've come across it, please tell me what you think ;)

I hope wherever you are your start to 2013 has been super fab so far!

Big love x


  1. You're right! We do have a really similar necklace! I am so in love with your hair in these shots. You just know how to work it. Bless!

  2. hahaha thanks!!! and YES!! you're silver necklace is soooo similar! I love it! Tell you what though it was so HEAVY!! Is yours? :)