Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OOTD: A closer look!

Hi lovelies!!

Here's just a quick post to give you a closer look at my OOTD for a wedding I attended here! I didn't get a chance to post this picture with my wedding post because the only decent shot we got was on my sister's iphone that I didn't have access to at the time (please excuse the photo quality). Here it is:

Floral high-neck dress, $6 Thrifted- Salvo's/ Wedge T-bar heels, $60 from www.barefoottess.com two seasons ago/ Gold coin statement necklace, thrifted $3/ handbbag thrifted, $3 St Vincent DePaul's

This dress had been screaaaaaaaaming out for me to wear it since I bought it from a thrift store in early 2012. In my wedding post I mentioned that I had wanted to wear it to the Celine Dion concert I went to in Vegas while on our most recent US trip. Something about FINALLY seeing one of my most beloved performers in the flesh made me want to dress to the nines and that immediately made me think of this dress! Sadly it was waaaaaaaaaay to hot to be wearing this in Vegas so the practicality in me said "NO, Theresa...you will want to stab yourself in the foot with a rusty fork if you wear this and spend the whole time sweating your ring out and being hot & bothered...blah blah blah" haha, do you ever do that?

Ehh, long story short it went back kicking and screaming into my suitcase and was not to resurface again until this glorious day!! I'm glad I saved it too, its as if it was all meant to fall into place like it did and it was the perfect dress for this wedding!

Hope you like it coz I sure do! It's my faveeeeeourite thrifted dress to date!! :)

Big Love xx


  1. That dress is a gr8 find and such a gr8 price!
    you scored a deal there. I luv thriftin and im told Oz has Osum gear at unblvble prices whch dsnt surpze me cnsdrng you guys can buy brand new thngs at 2nd prces (cmpard to us in NZ). Lookz cool!

  2. Hi Marie! Girrrrrl, thrifting is my thing & I love finding fellow thrifters! :) Yes I feel you on the whole price difference between Aus & NZ. My family live in NZ and whenever they come over they shop like crazy because everything over there is so expensive for even the simple things!

    Thanks for stopping in :)