Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine for FFFW!

Hi lovely ones! This week's AC challenge calls for an outfit of the feminine kind! The perfect excuse for me to share what I wore to the Full Figured fashion Week, Bloomingdale's Runway event!

I found this dress at my local MS Op shop around the start of the year for $6 if my memory serves me correctly! When I tried it on it was tight around my bust but dropped perfectly from under my boobs as it has an elastic banding. I usually only buy things that I feel comfortable in and fit me nicely but I seriously could not leave the deliciously vibrant floral print hanging on the rack so home it went with me. I had plans to alter it somehow for a comfy fit but somehow it got lost in my wardrobe not to be thought of until I was going through EVERYTHING while packing for NYC! I found it and was like..."Oh HELLO!" lol. I put it on and yes it was still as snug as ever around my sister and I were talking about how I could alter it because it WAS going in my suitcase to New York one way or another.
I thought of cutting the top half of the dress completely off and wearing the bottom as a skirt but we both agreed that the top was just too pretty SO sister with her brilliant mind suggested she just cut straight down the back to the elastic banding to loosen the whole top half. We sewed a small piece of looped elastic at the top of the cut so it could be secured to the button and hold the two pieces of back fabric together. The fabric is light and flowy so it draped down nicely after being hemmed. LOVED IT!

The yellow shirt I'm wearing is also thrifted. I borrowed it from sister's closet. It was a normal button down shirt that didn't button all the way down but she just loved the colour and the fit around the arms was so perfect that she bought it anyway and simply cut it from under the bust to make a cropped shirt! I wear this all the time when I'm going out clubbing or on a hot day because it's cool (temp wise) and the colour is just...BAM! Defs a fave of mine!

ANYWHO, back to the Bloomingdale's Runway event which was a part of Full Figured Fashion Week. To be completely honest it was pretty hectic but not in a fabulous way. To try and keep it as short and simple as possible here's my pros and cons list:

among the awesome fashion front bloggers for FFFW were our fab Aussie beauties Ash, Sam & Dani <3


  • Being an open event it saw a lot of people vying for a good view of the runway in a tiny space with inadequate seating. To make things that much more difficult the standing areas surrounding the runway still had clothing racks and mannequins in the way which saw sister and I just chilling and being goose-balls amongst the racks while waiting for the show to start.
  • Speaking of waiting for the show to start...yeah we waited 2 hours for the kick off. The event ran so behind that by the time the models began working their way down the runway we were just sick of waiting to care much about the fashion.
  • Speaking of fashion...yeah that was pretty underwhelming and average. There was nothing there that "wowed" me or that I felt like I hadn't seen before. I must admit though, I didn't actually stay for the whole show because I was just too irritated to make the effort to stand tangled in garments and clothes hangers waiting for what seemed to be mediocre fashion so I may have missed something brilliant but I guess I'll never know.
haha, in with the coat hangers!

  • Meeting beautiful blog veterans that I truly admire!
  • Dancing like crazies in the clothes racks (for the first 30 mins, lol)
  • Seeing so many fierce, full figured women WERRRRRRK. I honestly think some of the ladies attending the show were flaunting more forward and creative style than what the runway had to offer.
  • Chatting to other bloggers who were so excited to be apart of FFFW 2013 
  • Stumbling upon Magnolia's Bakery on the way out. WINNING! Hahaha!

While the event side of things was kind of a bust for me, meeting Kiah from From the Rez to the City was TOTALLY worth the heartache. I am not star struck by many but after my sister introduced me to her blog over a year ago I have serioussssssly crushed on her style. She makes bold, brave and striking styling choices AND she thrifts too! Kiah is always on point and in my opinion is just so fly. Meeting her I was kinda all sorts of giggly and wacko I think! She was lovely and greeted me with a hug and a kind smile! So yes...that was the BEST! Kiah, WE LOVE YOU!!! lol. Ok enough of the fan-girling. Smh. Oh wait here's some pics...haha ;)

haha, the excitement is apparent no?!

I also got to meet Chastity from Garner Style! She was super nice and snapped a picture with me a midst the mayhem! I love Chastity's style, the woman can DRESS!!! I adore her polka dot number right here!

The pros for me far outweigh the cons so YAY! The glass is always half full!

nude/pattern brogues $40 size 11 from Rivers...sooo comfy! 

I just love New York City. I leave you with the view from our Manhattan hotel balcony. How I wish I were standing on it right now.

Big love xx


  1. I love how you and your sisters pick up amazing op shop finds and personalise them to you, you look a million dollars.
    Also, those cup cakes look amaze balls!

    1. Thank you lovely!! & the cupcakes were soooooo yummy! Wish i could give you a bite! :)

  2. You looked great, and definitely not like you'd been standing waiting for hours! Love your hair by the way.

    1. Hey Elyse!! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate the love x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I love how bright it is!! Thanks for stopping by :) x

  4. The colours in that dress are so perfect with your hair. Those cupcakes look so yummy!!

    1. oh Jo they were sooooo delish!! thanks for popping in!! appreciate the love x

  5. You are hilarious. Your post made me giggle. Love the dress mixed with the shirt.

    1. glad to share the giggles!! thanks for stopping by Karyn x

  6. Love this post, you look gorgeous. You ladies are some clever chickys! The yellow top is perfection over.

    LOVE the show run down and had to giggle about you guys being buried amongst the mannequins! Funny now, can't imagine it would be that funny then. Haha.

    1. Oh my goodness we just had to laugh about our VIP status amongst the mannequins and coat hangers too!! thanks for stopping in lovely one xx

  7. Love the colors of this outfit! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Baben it with the biggest babes ;)

  9. Some of those photos are a crack up! Love your outfit and the creativity of it