Friday, October 26, 2012

Ball buster...

My sister calls me a ball buster...She does this because I'm the one that is constantly policing things (or telling everyone what to do is what she says lol) that are going on in the house to make sure things don't get left undone. That makes me sound so boring...I'm not though I promise, haha. If you don't know me I love spending most of my time being ridiculous. I get in trouble a lot for making random noises, talking jibberish and making fun out of boring situations. I guess this all comes from being an Early Childhood Teacher. Being dull is such a drag so I'm always making a noise or sparking conversation in the "awkward silence". This is me MOST of the time but when it comes down to business and things need to get done I become what my sister calls the "enforcer" and just make sure that what needs to be done is done. SO SUE ME...hahaha :)

This brings me to the point that I'm trying to make. My sister calls me the ball buster when it comes to that sort of stuff but something I think she doesn't know is the way she busts my bloody balls when it comes to a part of my life I loooooove but somehow ALWAYS manage to put on the back burner and something she has become quite proficient in keeping regularly on top of...THIS BLOGGING BUSINESS!! LOL. She started a blog a couple of years back (Falala Mele) and its super cool...check out her stuff. Her blog inspired me to start my own and I am yet to get it to a place where I'm happily cruising but I'm getting there...I hope. ANYWAYS, she constantly reminds me & encourages me to put new stuff up on here and I'm constantly forgetting/running out of time/being lazy when the opportunity presents itself so LONG story short I am finally sharing some photos of our (my sis, niece & cuz) last trip to Melbourne City with our lovely ladies.

I looooooove when we get together because we all have such a different, cool and eclectic sense of style that I only really notice when I look back at pics and it just make my insides smile! lol. So this one is for you all but especially for my sister who I thank for the inspiration to share style, fashion, ideas, beauty and confidence.


Cardigan/Thrifted $5 Salvo's, Oversized black tee/Kmart $5, Tights/Kmart $8/ Sneakers/ Converse Hi-tops $30, Rucksack $8

My niece Lee (in the beanie) is a budding fashion designer aspiring to make it to MFI in the near future. This was her first sighting lol.

Clownin' :)

Love heart clip on earrings thrifted from MS op-shop $2

with Tali :)
we finally found our tram stop...haha

Love to you Miss Rates...haha :)


  1. I really LOVE your cardigan and secretly wishing it was MY find....but it wasn't and you look so ridiculously fucking cool! LYLT kiko <3

  2. I love your sweater game! So freaking fly honey, I miss all of you <333


    1. girrrrrrrl!! WE MISS YOU TOO!!!!! one day you MUST come to Aus!! :) xxx