Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OOTD: "I'm going viking..."

Just a quick OOTD collage taken from my lil ol' camera phone. I am so bad for updating my blog regulary mainly because I always feel time poor but this is a quick way for me to keep up with myself! LOL. I found this tee at my local Vinnies Op shop! I love it because the caption made me laugh out loud, I don't know why I found it so funny but it did so I had to get it! Its a cold and overcast day today and also my day off hence my uber comfy outfit! The hair was not being done today so cue the beanie and there you have it, why I'm wearing what I'm wearing today! I love over sized tops and tee's because I feel they help hide my problem areas while showcasing my legs which I don't mind at all ;)

Hope your day is going breezy! How do you do casual/comfy?

Peace until next time x


  1. I do casual with a t-shirt and vans too. I love it. I don't suit hats too much but I do wear them every now and then just for a cosy day!

    You look lovely as always! x

  2. I usually don't do hats either because my head is just too big!! LOL. add that to my thiccccck hair and yeah no...not much hat action! I love this beanie though because its so big and comfy!! It's my go to for lazy hair days!! :)

    Thanks for dropping in!! x