Saturday, April 23, 2011

...the reason for the season xo


It's Good Sunday and today I had the previledge of cooking brunch for my beautiful parents and nieces Mizzle & Bizzle. I love them.

 ` mami's blueberry/nutmeg/vanilla pancake-cake topped with dark chocolate ganache and mixed berries :)

Just what was on the table thismorning?

`Egg & Bacon on crusty bread rolls
`Hot Cross Buns :)
`Croissants w/ Choc-hazelnut spread & Vanilla and nutmeg cream
` Dark Chocolate ganache pancake-cake
` Mocha or Chai Tea

So yes, we had brunch this morning and the star of brunch was the yummy Chai Tea! mmm ; so lovely on a cold morning. Along with the Chai tea I would like to give a big shout out to the reason for the season ..... JESUS !! :) Who da man? HE da man! LOL . props and many thanks go to the man upstairs!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend especially because of the extra days we get off!!

Love & blessings ... Siki-Lou xx


  1. I miss home :( he he he look at Dad the fatty <3

  2. that second pic with the pancakes cut open ...

    [insert climax]

  3. LOL . sad to dad! oh yes mo'mo ... i wish you could come help me eat it!!