Saturday, April 16, 2011

and I'm for real when I say this...

So this is my first official blog post :) How exciting right? There are so many other things I should be doing right now but somehow this and the newest episode of Boardwalk Empire take preference. Hmmm ; moving right along. My sister has been blogging for a while now and has inspired me to create my own lil place here in cyber space so I guess thanks and a shout out are in order for Le sister ;) Anywho, here's a little bit about me for that fabulously, random person who will somehow stumble across my blog:

To whom ever you are,

My name is Theresa but I answer to many other names family, thoughout my life, have gifted me with. I was affectionately called Siki-Lou by my godfather/uncle/2nd dad who passed away last year. He is irreplaceable, the true measure of a man and left the world a little less bright when he passed on. (Just a lil name history)...

*leaving emo land in 3...2...1*

So, I'm currently studying my Bachelor of Ed. Early Childhood. I plan to save the world one beautiful child at a time. How idealistic of me right?! ... I say , WHY NOT? :p I looooooooooooooove music in an epic way, seriously live by it. It’s as essential as water & showering & facebook & shoes that actually fit my feet! (Those who know me-know my struggle) LOL. I proudly belong to a cracked, hilariously loving, wonderful family who have moulded me into, well, ME! J *cue the tear drop*
 Taking photos is my passion (kidding, just love a good ol’ cliche’) but seriously I am quite fond of getting behind the camera and getting a cool shot here and there. I love to look good, who doesn’t? If you just answered “me”’re lieing! :p I, like my sister, who doubles as my best bud, love all things fashion, makeup, styling and things just generally cool related so WATCH THIS SPACE and you’ll soon get a good dose of each J

In closing all I have to say is...

POICE (that’s how all the cool kids are saying peace these days)

Siki`Lou xx

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