Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OOTD: That thrifted thing...

So this last term of teaching has been SO busy. Mainly because I now work with 4 different classes at two separate schools 45 minutes away from each other 5 days a week! PHEW! It has been super fun and challenging but two weeks ago I realised it had been about 2 months since I had last been op-shopping/thrifting! NOOOOOOO! So by some awesome luck I was able to leave work early one afternoon to run errands and totally didn't even think to pop in to my fave local opshop until I drove past it and feeling bummed because I thought it was closed already! By some MORE awesome luck I pulled over to double check closing time and it was STILL OPEN! YESSS! I had 15mins to scour 2 months worth of this store that was having a 50% sale as well as four $1 and $2 racks...challenge accepted!

I left feeling pretty chuffed with my finds...here are just two of the items I walked away with!

I am a true 90's baby...can you tell? LOL. ehh what can I say...I just love all shit 90's. Floral cotton tee was 50c, Midi skirt was $2 and the fab denmin jacket is borrowed from sister's closet. (I wish it were mine) lol!! Wedges are from Target last season (Size 11W for those inflicted with big feet like me). Thank goodness for Target otherwise I'd be buying all my shoes online. Australia more than lacks in awesome shoes for awesome women with big feet!

So that's that! Short and sweet!

I hope you are well wherever you are. I am about to enjoy the school holidays so I am pumped!

Big love xx


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    1. meeee too!!! I sometimes feel like it's not very flattering but I totally don't care!! haha xx

  2. Dam, almost a whole outfit, top and skirt for less than a cost of a coffee! I love the skirt, i have one similar to it, also thrift and its one of my fav items in my closet. Just cant believe how cheap you guys have clothes over there!

    1. Hiiiii Marie!! I love op-shopping!!!! Usually you will find clothes for like $5 and up but I always scout out my fave places when they have 1/2 off sales and then I swoop in and buy the whole shop lol!! What are your prices like in NZ?!

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    1. Hello lovely!!! Yes I do love it so as well!! It is super light & comfy and doesn't cling to my glorious bodaaaaay, ahahaha!! :) Thanks for popping in xx