Sunday, October 20, 2013

A nice day for a white wedding...

Hello lovers & friends!

It has been a while right?! To say shit's been crazy lately is an understatement. One that I'm not complaining about because let's face it, I'd rather have a million and one things to do than be one of those peeps on FB with a status that reads "I'm bored".

 I'm so excited to share with you a beautiful wedding I had the honor of attending just last week! (I can't believe this post is actually coming to you so soon. I am THE WORST at blogging in real time, haha). My cousin/sis Hermione and her beau Saia finally walked down the aisle and said I do and here are some of the moments I managed to capture on my little point and shoot. I'm not gonna lie, there are a butt load of photos. Enjoy the workout your scrolling finger is about to have...

The bride and her flower girls. 
The bride x 
The page boys taking their important job very seriously x

The head flower girls leading in. Sign was thrifted and then hand painted by my sister with the help of our baby girl Bianca-Rose x

A special father/daughter moment x

The bride & groom x

Gorgeous baby Nia x

Cousins! Beautiful Nia and handsome Lisala x

Tried eyes Bianca-Rose x

Tired eyes but beautiful smile from B for Aunty x

Tree memento - hand drawn by the sis Falala Mele (she's amazingly talented). Guests left their fingerprints as the leaves on the tree for the happy couple x

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Team hair stylists x

WERK Flower Girls, lol x

Mr. and Mrs. Saia & Hermione Fatai x


Baby Lily-Anne leaves her fingerprint on the tree :)

Bridesmaids aka stunners!  That dress colour is delicious ;) x

The Bride & her MoH x

The wedding was held at the beautiful All Saints Woodville Church just outside of Maitland, NSW. There was a wonderfully, rustic reception space located next to the church and the entire venue was surrounded with lush green paddocks.

The day was super busy (as they always are). My sisters and I were up nice and early to style the hair of the beauties that made up the Bridal Party (Flower girls included)! That was fun! My sister and I traveled from VIC for the day and so couldn't bring hair supplies with us. Challenge accepted...
Cue creative and improvisation skills and we got all that hair done literally using two combs, clothes pegs for holding parts during the styling process, Paw Paw ointment (in place of hair wax), ten tonnes of hair spray and a gazillion bobby pins. IT WAS THE BEST! It actually wasn't that difficult because we had wonderful canvases to work with, our sissaaaaaays are shmexxxxy! ;)

To Hermi & Saia,

It was truly an honor to witness the two of you unify your lives. Thank you for the privilege. I hope you remember always, the special moments and feelings you shared on this day as you jump into the crazy/fun journey of marriage and brave the inevitable challenges life will throw at you.

Love & an abundance of blessing to you both xx

On another note...

Here's what I wore:

I kept this outfit SUPER simple because I knew we would have limited time to get ready for the wedding after beautifying the Bridal Party. So I let the dress do all the work and topped it off with a few subtle accessories in silver and a lip colour that pops.

  • Floral dress- Purchased this for $6 while thrifting in Brooklyn, NYC earlier this year.
  • Wedge heels- Target $22, last season.
  • Silver plait necklace- This was actually a feature piece attached to a top I found thrifting. The top cost $2 so I grabbed it and cut this awesome necklace off it.
  • Lipstick- borrowed this beautiful colour from the sister. It is Rimmel #120- Cutting Edge purchased from Kmart for $11 I think.

Please excuse the shocking quality! Yay for phone cameras though :p

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