Saturday, November 23, 2013

Aussie Curves: Black and white!

YAY! I'm finally back with a post! Hello AC black and white week! I love when I unintentionally wear something that I can use for a AC post because then I kinda have no excuse to not get it done. So this is me getting it done!

It was Birthday on Thursday (yay!) which was a perfect reason to go for breakfast at the new cafe in town that everyone's been raving about called The Wooden Door. We were so glad we did because it's a beautiful, organic space and the food...oh yes that was SO YUM! After breakfast we headed to church. Needless to say, it was a beautiful morning.

What I wore:
  • Blazer- thrifted $6. LOVE this blazer, so comfy and shapes so nicely!
  • Top- Supre $2 (Campbelltown Factory outlet super store)
  • Skirt- Kmart $15 this season
  • Wedges- Target (last season)
  • Sunnies- thrifted Gold Coast Salvos $5
  • Clutch- gifted from my beautiful friend Anne, THANKS sis!
  • Earrings- Gifted from my sissy Mele
  • Lips- Velour Lips gloss to matte from Priceline

While we're on the black and white topic, how GORGEOUS does my niece look in her B&W threads for her year 10 formal. Black and white for me = classic style and beauty. So sad I missed my baby girl's formal. She & all my nieces and nephews make up all the pieces of my heart. This beautiful babe of mine came into my life when I was just 10 years old and we've looked after her and loved her every minute since so yes, it was sad for us to miss a special milestone in her life but she just shines with beauty. Maisy Moo, I love you :)

I must also send out a HUGE Happy Birthday to my beauty friend/sister/Aussie Curves babe Anne!!! LOVE YOU BOO! Here's a quick snap from last night's lil celebrations for our birthdays! Coincidentally, I am also in black and white! LOL. love it!

Big Love xx


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was an amazing day! you look fab, and your niece looks beautiful in her formal outfit :)

    1. Thank you my dear!!! It was a super fun weekend! :) x

  2. Happy birthday beautiful lady! I LOVE this outfit. Love love it. And I'm super excited to see your stylish butt back in the rounds. :)

    1. Thanking you lovey!! iT'S GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE ROUNDS! Internet just got fixed so I'm going cray cray trying to catch up on everything! lol. :)