Friday, May 6, 2011


Today was a great day because TODAY there was a package in the mail just for ME!! :) I love getting mail that's legit stuff and not bills or crappy advertisments. The package was from my sister and she's so wonderful and bought me real & beautiful pearls from her trip to Broome not long ago. As well as the beautiful pearls I got:

- a black mini dress with sheer sleeves
- floral high waisted skirt
- and a letter from my sister! ( I loveeee letters and the effort it takes to write them and getting to read words that someones written down just for you !!)

I love my new stuff so THANK YOU sis! Now, what else? Oh yes today me and a few of my college loves went to lunch and then a movie. We saw "Something Borrowed" the new Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin movie. Good romantic comedy kinda stuff. Onto more EXCITING news I recieved the itinery today for the Art History tour I am going on in June! Chicago, NYC then California....I couldn't be more excited, my passport is on its way and all the travel details are being finalised and my dream of seeing a Broadway Show will be realized in a mere 7 WEEEEEEEKS!!!

My photo below is just in memory of a FUNNN night out to the club with my girls on Wednesday night. The best nights arent the ones you plan :)

` Jadey & myself xo

love xx


  1. yay you got it!!! Did you like it???? Hows the dress?? and earrings??? Bro I dont even have a pair of real pearls...only you and my follower giveaway I might have to borrow em sometime!!! <3

  2. the dress is lovely but i have to try it on properly...and the earrings too! i wore them today!! :D