Monday, May 2, 2011

` CJY - Happy Born Day !

Today is my sisters birthday. I LOVE my sister. My sister is beautiful, thoughtful, generous, fresh, creative, kind and oh so frikkin cool! My sister is also tough, strong willed & opinionated. My sister packs one hell of a right hook and also therefore can be danderous at times. I LOVE my sister.

Happy Birthday my "Practical Magic" partner in crime. You know me better than anyone, my accomplice, business partner and friend in everything I do and although I don't say it much, SHIT...I LOVE YOU!

So yeah...didn't really know I had such powerful poetry ability but as you've seen above I'm pretty much a heavy-weight champ *dusts my shoulders like a cool dude* LOL. But in all seriousness I do love my sister and when my mind randomly stumbles past all that we've lived through so far I kinda feel sorry for anyone who's never known the love, loyalty, friendship, beauty and security in a sister and I also think of how coming to college has blessed me with so many other sisters. We do not share the same blood but we share a love, understanding and humour which binds almost as tightly!

TO MY SIS CJY: I hope that even though you are in the middle of the Western Desert at this moment in time, you're happy and most importantly healthy! Chicago, NYC & Cali await and I am so EXCITED that I get to share it with you and our other fiah-crackurr sistur Emma! :)

` don't know why but something told me to leave this song here for you ;)

"Skin is caramel with those cocoa eyes even got a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai" lol, lovee this kid.

27 today & you are extrodinary in many ways.

Love & Blessings,

Siki-Lou xx

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  1. this is so perfect.


    lol gosh there are so many things i wanna say right now - basically from that bomb msn groups page you guys had (is it still up?!) back in 05/06 and being jealous of not being part of that ... and then mele brought me you and sia and niva and lizzy ha what a blessing! YAY!!!
    you are such a brilliant sister - :) you brought her back to life back in kara :):) YOU BOTH ARE GORGEOUS, and if i skinned you both alive and turned you inside out YOU'D STILL BE JUST AS PRETTY B/C YOU'RE BOTH EFFIN BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!!

    AMEN!! choohoo!!!