Monday, July 25, 2011

He can only hold her...

Amy Winehouse. True music maker of our time. How sad I was to wake up on Sunday morning hearing my sister on the phone to one of our best friends and have her tell me that Amy Winehouse had died. I have never met the woman yet I cried. Its a weird thing when you think about crying in sadness over someone you've never met but just listening to her music makes me feel like I did. She sang with such  grittyness and honesty that trancended and sometimes offended the mainstream tokenism of today's music industry. I love that she brought back the sound of real music when synthesized pop was ruling the charts. She sang with soul and her whole heart and I am so sad that the world will no longer hear the gutsy beauty of her voice in songs she was yet to sing.

Broken hearted I say...Amy Winehouse- Rest in Love xo

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