Thursday, August 25, 2011

One in a Million; More than a woman ♥

10 years ago today my sister and I cried tears of genuine sorrow at the loss of another songbird. Aaliyah was truly the light of our life. We loved EVERYTHING about her. Not only did she have a voice as smooth as silk sheets and a beauty like no other, she had a bangin' style (the only girl who could really rock a bandana) and a demeanor that inspired us to be better in every way. A goal in life in my teenage, high school years was to have bangs just like Aaliyah and I can't even count the hours I sat at my computer, earphones in, singing songs of hers- matching every note and  studying every run. So when we got home from a day out and our mum told us "the girl you love died" (yep, that's how we heard the news) there was silence and then sorrow. I remember it like it happened yesterday. We rang our sister/cousins in Sydney (who loved her just as much as we did) to share the news. "Fear of flying" by Mya coincidentally played through our computer speakers and together we cried. How fast 10 years have passed. We still blaze her songs like she never left and still to this day wonder how she would have blown up the music industry with the tracks she was yet to record.

Aaliyah, I miss you xo

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