Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aussie Curves: My tribal...

Aloha Aussie Curves ladies!! Tribal week is here which is super cool because I love the tribal theme. For me it combines bold colour, pattern and vibrance, three of my favourite things! :) There has been a huge re-surge in the tribal look especially with the explosion of statement neck pieces and I can't wait to see how you have all interpreted the tribal look in your own unique ways.

 I'm a big believer in feeling good = looking good and sometimes this boils down to pure comfort for me hence my casual gears in these pics.

My sister and I headed out to check out the riverside near our house because it was a such nice day and there was a steam boat festival going on and  this was my OOTD.

This tribal print turtle-neck sweater is one of my FAVE pieces in my wardrobe at the moment! I love it because it's so bold and matches my personality so well :) Keeping it casual and wanting my sweater to take the lead in this outfit I teamed it with my basic oversized cotton tee and my DIY cut-off denim shorts!

If I haven't said it already, I think I am one of All-Stars biggest fans and will pair one of my many converse shoes with anything and everything and this was no exception!! I chucked on my yellow high-tops as we were running out the door and that was that!

I can't wait to check out what everyone else has come up with & I hope you all had stacks of fun getting your tribal on!!

Tribal theme turtle-neck sweater- $2 Vinnies/ Oversized, black, cotton tee- $5 Kmart

 DIY cut off denim shorts- Target years ago/ Yellow high-top Converse All-Stars $40 on sale.

Peace & Love until next time xx


  1. Nailed it! SO cool. I get what you mean about casual gear. My wardrobe is SO work/office that casual always looks a bit dressy anyway. Oh for some decent denim shorts. Shorts. Full Stop.

  2. Hey Melissa! Thanks lady! yes, I feel you on the work wardrobe and wanting to steer clear of that during down time!! :) I totally recommend making your own seems to be the best solution for me because then I can choose the length and hem and where I need to take them in etc. I made these out of an OLLLLLLLD pair of 3/4 jeans that belonged to my sister like 6 or 7 years ago! They're the best and a loose fit so I wear them all the time! You should totally try it!!

  3. Loving your sweater, it suits you so well. Great converse shoes!

  4. Love your take on tribal. Nice and bright!
    Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xoxox

  5. so great to see a casual look for the challenges - I tend to do work clothes.......... you have an amazing ability to find thrifting bargains. none of the shops around here have decent clothes (but good homewares)