Friday, September 7, 2012

OOTD: 90s Palette NYC.

So this was a SUPER hot day in Manhattan (which I totally looooove) and my sisters and I had decided that today would be a day for walking the streets, soaking our eyeballs in the amazing-ness of NYC, letting the wind blow us wherever it would like and enjoying all the excitement of an unplanned adventure. One of the gazillion things NYC is good for is random greatness :) So to prepare for this I simply needed to dress my body in consideration of the sweltering heat outside and wear comfy shoes (which I almost ALWAYS do anyway!)

This outfit was based around this SUPER cool cropped jacket that I love so so much. My sister found it while op-shopping in preparation for our USA trip. We wanted new pieces to wear while travelling and since we were saving every penny for the new trip, thriftiing was the smart, original, and only way to go. We looooove op-shopping not only for the low prices (YAY) but because you won't find anyone else walking around in the same outfit as you :) Sister was finding so many cool things as she had more time than me to shop, working casually at the time,  and this piece was one of them. She was  the best and gave it to me!

So because of my great love for it I just had to wear this jacket. Being so hot in NYC this Summer I teamed it with this simple large black cotton shirt, these DIY cut-off denim shorts and my fave canvas shoes of the moment. I must admit the jacket was just a tad tight around the arms but again because I just had to wear it I put my sister on arm duty and she pulled my sleeves down all day long at my request! LOL. (sister love, haha...needless to say she refused arm duty ever again!) 

What I wore:

 Cropped pastel patterned jacket $3, thrifted/ DIY denim shorts, Target/Large black cotton shirt $5, Kmart/ BeachComber canvas shoes $3, thrifted/ DIY yellow turban head wrap made out of an old yellow skirt I wore around Manhattan last year :) / Sunglasses $5, thrifted Salvos.

My fave nail polish of the trip Mojito Green :) $3 at our local chemist!

With Ruthie :) I swapped my shoe with my white All-Star because my foot hurt but I like mismatched things so it all worked out still, haha!

Highlight of the day:

Sitting in a cafe at the window eating my yum omelette and a truck pulls up at the traffic lights, the guy in the truck gets Ruth's attention and points to her then me Ruth responds with similar pointing and confused looks and by this time I'm looking. The guy bends over to his passenger seat (were not quite sure what the jeff he's doing) returns with a big piece of paper with "beautiful" written on it pointing to me!! LOL. so like this stuff NEVER happens in real least I thought until that moment. How flattered/embarrassed was I since I was too busy gobbling down my breakfast to notice him pointing in the first place but yeah that was a totes cool/funny/random moment that I would normally be a tad bit shame to share with everyone but this is the exception because I just need to share that stuff like that DOES happen in real life and not just in Taylor Swift film clips, haha  :)

Other than that we found the most uhhh-mazing Froyo truck that had frozen yogurt that made my taste buds all sing to the heavens in unison, strolled along for about four blocks with a crazy dude who kept singing his own made up song that consisted of several random, slurred words then a big "HEY" followed by more random words (by the 2nd block I was singing along too LOL.) , replenished our greatly cherished Vicky Secrets body mist sprays that we can't purchase in stores here in Australia and bought some super cool sunglasses...4 for $10!! :D

This day was the best, kinda like all my NYC days :)

Love xx

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