Saturday, August 18, 2012

OOTD: African Print in Brooklyn:)

It was a Sunday. Sister and Ruth & I had a date with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (uh-huh, JEFFIN' cool!!). The weather in NYC this summer was so BEAUTIFULLY hawwwwwt so on this day, because we would be riding the Subway and walking a lot I decided to keep my outfit simple.
I thrifted this super-cool dress for $3 if memory serves me correctly. I bought it earlier this year while shopping with my sister...I think she found it and handed it to me (YAY) :) I LOVE this dress because the cut is so feminine and when I wear it, it makes me feel like a lady! LOL. Also the sleeves are a major plus for me coz they hide a problem area for upper arms, haha! So yes, this was the perfect option for me because it was a simple statement piece & made of cool, breathable cotton.

This day was the epitome of greatness for me. Points of amazingness are as follows:
  • Church service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and hearing the choir...felt a little bit closer to God :)
  • Randomly stumbling upon Kat'z Deli ( a dream destination of my sister's for like for-evuhh)
  • Eating Kat'z deli Pastrami, Brisket and Rueben sandwiches...again, felt a little bit closer to God, haha
  • Sitting in the sun at the local basket ball court watching the world & especially the ballers go by
  • Checking yet another thing off the bucket list!
I love winning days with my sistas. The highlight reels of "my life's moments of greatness" are growing.

Continuing the theme of comfort I wore a pair of my fave shoes: my white All-Stars.

another feature of this dress I love...POCKETS! :)

there was no way to eat this pretty...go hard or go home, haha :)

Happiness x


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    1. Sorry, I deleted by mistake, lol.
      You are soooo BEAUTIFUL! *faints on paisley printed fainting couch*
      Love seeing your pictures of my town :)
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL @ us hoing in like Flynn! Thank you Brooklyn xo