Sunday, August 5, 2012

A long time coming...

So finally my first USA post is here which means my butt has finally shifted into gear and is making (fingers, toes and whatever else can be crossed) the first of many CONSISTENT blog posts to come! LOL. I say this because my efforts to blog so far have been very poor and so not what I envisioned my posts being like! However impoverished my poor blog has been I choose to leave the past in the past and start FRESH with the amazing-ness of my 2nd US trip!! :)

These pictures are from our first day in NYC *swoooon* (known to me and one of my besties Daniel as "The Promise Land"). My sister and I went for the first time in 2011 on our college Art History Tour, fulfilling childhood dreams of travelling to New York! Half way through our time in NY sister and I swore to each other that we'd be back and this trip is that pact in fruition! We headed to the US this time with our Ruth and this is where it all began...

St.Pauls Chapel- Remembrance Banner & Japanese Origami 

 What I wore: Being Summer in NYC and knowing that tones of walking was just around the corner I kept my first outfit cool (temp wise, lol), comfy and clean. I picked up this Nautical Themed cotton dress from K-mart on sale for $10 and paired it with my sisters red Converse All Stars. For my little personal touches I wore one of my favourite pair of clip-on earrings that belong to my sister as well as her red & white shades. The beauty of having a sister is having a whole second wardrobe of clothes and accessories at my disposal :) YAY.

Ruth :)
Darrrrrrryl- Our hop on hop off tour guide! He  was a cool dude!

Ruth & myself with (strangely) a little arm space in Times Square.

So long story short we buzzed our way around NYC introducing Ruth to things we fell in love with on our own very first day and got re-acquainted with everything we missed so much about the outrageous city! It was the best, watching Ruth see it all for the first time and with my sister simultaneously experiencing that feeling of  giddiness all over again!!

Gaaaaah ; I could breathe again. I was back :)


  1. YAHOOOO! NY was the best! Glad we are not like Muriel and Joanie <3 bless us xo

  2. hiya! i'm following from mele's blog. loving all your pictures and that glorious jessica rabbit red hair!!! drop dead gorgeous!
    luv, jijixx

  3. Hi I'm Also following from Mele's Blog! You are both beyond gorgeous! I love your white stripe dress in the picture above.

    callie x

  4. HI LOVELY LADIES!! :) your follow is much appreciated!!

    Jiji: Thanks ;) hair has actually been totally killing my life atm though, its fading and the roots are out in full force and because I'm between jobs at the moment what limited funds I do have are spent on more important things! yeah , im rocking the roots these days!

    Callie: Thank yoooou, I REALLLLY love it too, its super comfy being stretch cotton so I plan on getting much use out of it during our Australian summer this year!! :)