Saturday, January 28, 2012

"I know another bee's been in that honey..."

So to keep the ball rolling on this blogging thing (to try as best as I can to keep one of my only New Years resolutions) imma go ahead and share some pics from the Lloyd concert my sisters and I went to the other night in Newtown, Sydney. To back pedal a lil I just have to mention that this event is a part of our wish to keep life a constant adventure hence why we are on the move as much as our time and money will allow :)

It's the best when things just happen to work out or are planned in the very last possible minute and this trip to Sydney was no exception. The show began at a bit of a 7 on a scale of 1-10 with silly DJ's who can't do their job's properly (repeating songs already played), supporting acts including one that resembled a B grade Ricky Martin and a gammin host who loved the mic too much and just kept tryna plug The Game's concert which is to be held in the same venue next month. 7pm, 8pm, 9pm...still no Lloyd with only one supporting act that was worth our time there...cue the abusive heckling from the audience (mainly coming from me and my sissys...LOL.) 10pm...STILL no Lloyd. FINALLY at 10:45pm Lloyd decides enough abuse has been yelled at the stage and arrives. Lucky he was the BOMB otherwise I think my shoe would have went flying at his head!! Man his voice is dope, he cut it up and to top it all off and officially make our night boss, he ripped off his sweaty t-shirt as "lay your head, on my pillow" smashed out over the crowd and threw it in our vicinity...cue the semi-brawl that ended with my Jadey and this tall but viciously-hungry-for-the-t-shirt-lady scuffling over the t-shirt.

 Amidst the struggle I ask Jadey if we should just let the crazy lady have it since she was a bit loco for the shirt, Jd looks at me like "are you kidding" and says NAH...with that I activate all my super power strength and deliver the final blow that secured us the t-shirt!!! Poor lady hung her head in shame and walked away.

Tug-o-war champs- Jd on the far right and meee on the far left :)


To cap our night we found this cool lil kebab & burger place still open coz we were starvinggg/thirsty by then, merrily ate and recapped/re-enacted the nights highlights.

i LOVE my sisters because no matter what we're doing, we always make it fun!:)

 jenny & mele x
Dream Big Crew
Our complete crew for the night x

peace & love xo

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  1. I love your recount...Ima link mine to yours when I do mine.