Wednesday, January 4, 2012

we Mexicans say..."Wella!"

I don't really make "New Years" resolutions but with the closing of 2011 came my regret of not blogging more throughout my final year of college SO i decided that this will definitely take priority in my life this year.  I love memories and I've told myself that there is no neater place to keep them :)

To celebrate the coming of 2012 my sister & I took a baby road trip up the coast to meet my beautiful college sisters who greeted us with epic Mexican hats that we proceeded to wear for the rest of the afternoon and into the night (including a trip to the super market where I was greeting everyone in sight with a cheeful "hola" when my cousin decided to join in saying "WELLA" and we were all like...ummm, yeah no thats wrong! haha) before mine got lost! lol. we drank, took jello shots, played card games, turned "Bop-it" into a drinking game and basically talked smack all arvo before heading to the party we were invited to. We had a whole tub of jello shots that I tried (unsuccessfully) to sell on the train because everyone was either too shy or thought we were weirdos! haha ; had many funtimes with my ladies and here are just a few pics from the night!!

It was a hot day so I wanted to be comfy but bright so I wore this cotton, patterned over-sized tee from k-mart and a simple black tube skirt that I thought would be the most practical & cool after a few! lol.

We had the best time mingling & meeting new people, dancing like crazy monkeys, trying to console the random and totally stressed out dog that we found in the yard, looking for Blake & Jake, pointing fingers at the Leprechaun, dodging the creepy weirdo guy,  bathing in a tub with no water, breaking the swing set, reminding everyone that were not all Tongan lol. & making boss memories welcoming in 2012. I hope your New Years celebrations were filled with as much love, laughter &craziness as mine was!! If I have one piece of advice to leave ya'll with its doing everything with the ones you lurrrrrrrve- makes every moment a BAZILLION times better!! May 2012 bring many more happy memories, health and prosperity to us all :)

peace & love xo


  1. hahaha !! crackin up at WELLA...sounds like u guys had a good night!! :) is one of ur labels meant to say jello shits ? LMAO. miss yoooou, glad you had a fun NYE...can't wait for more catch up's this yearrrr!! talk soon, love yaaa!!

  2. LOL. no but lets just leave it there coz that friggin funny!! yes can't wait my love!! miss u x