Saturday, April 27, 2013

Them Harlem times...

So right now I am absolutely buzzed at the news that our flights to New York are finalised and we are ACTUALLY heading back to NYC on June 16th for FFFW 2013!!! Along with the excitement of Full Figured Fashion Week I am soooooooo excited to see our beautiful NY friends again! The excitement of it all has got me going through my photos from last years trip and making me realise how much I have not blogged about the most amazing time we had over there. (It seriously was THE MOST AMAZING time!!!) Cue the need to do a NY post right now :)

This was a fabulous day spent in Harlem with our gorgeous friend Deja from I'm Just Daisy!  Beginning with shopping, then some delicious soul food at Amy Ruth's (we were dying to try chicken and waffles!) and a lot of catching up since we hadn't seen each other since our last trip the year before. Deja then had to run off for class so naturally we tagged along to see her beautiful college. It totes put my baby college to shame, lol. We met her beautiful friend Ash and had a quick tour around the joint until we had to part! SUCH a short but good time catching up...

with Ruth & Deja

Amy Ruth's Chicken & Waffles- soooooo good.
with Deja

with sister Mele & Ruth

What I wore:
  • Sheer, cropped, tribal top- Kmart $8
  • Black, oversized, cotton tee- Kmart $5
  • Pink tube skirt- Kmart $10
  • low cut Converse All-Stars $30
  • Glasses- some souvenere sotre in Manhattan $5 (LOVED them & was so sad when they broke :'( lol.)
  • Earrings, thrifted $2
My wardrobe choices were always dictated by the heat on our stay in NY. It was hawwwwt every day bro! This outfit kept me cool, comfy & colourful whilst walking around all day!

Mele with Ash & Deja

NYC, I cannot wait to see you again...

Big Love xx

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