Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Its only 4 months late...

I'm shocking. Yes I said it and it's true. I put my poor baby blog on the back burner all the time because of my constant hectic schedule and lack of means of posting regularly but finally here is a new post, like the title says...only 4 months late.

These photos have been waiting patiently on my USB to see the light of day lol. Here are some pics from New Years Eve house party styles! Christmas/New Year is always family and friends time for me. A time to be around my people and enjoy the family I was blessed to be born into and the friends I that have, over years graduated to family status.

What I wore:

It was HOT so to keep it cool and comfy I went with:

  •  my black stretch cotton dress from H&M's basics line (two seasons ago)
  • the lime/pineapple coloured top is from Kmart (last season) and is also stretch cotton. Here I've worn it back to front but on the actual front of the top is a multi-coloured tribal pattern.
  • Converse All-Stars high tops were a Christmas gift from sister. Inspired by our love for the movie "A Cinderella Story" lol.
  • the clip-on earrings and statement necklace both thrifted
  • Head scarf is actually a large thin, cotton scarf which was a birthday gift from my beautiful sissy Moala who is second from the left in the picture below.

I hope you are all enjoying a prosperous and productive 2013 so far! Here's to actually carrying out one of my only New Year's Resolutions- to blog more often because I love it!

Big love xx


  1. Great photos. I always look forward to your posts, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

  2. Thanks Sophie!!! :) There will be more! I will post more regularly even if it kills me!! lol. hope you've been well!