Saturday, May 18, 2013

Almost made it...

Woo hoo! I'm back in the game...JUST! Phew, I seriously suck at this "be prepared and organised" thing. Any who, this look was thrown together in literally 10 minutes! Like my sister Falala Mele mentioned, we were running super late for church after hitting the gym for a morning boxing session and so I was running around like a mad woman grabbing this and that. My go to when I need to be out of the house in 10 or 15 minutes is a pair of tights and an oversized blouse and a jacket of some sort if its a bit fresh! Even my hairdo is a time saver style I use all the time lol. Slick one side with a bit of hairspray and let the other non-brushed or styled part hang loose and have a party. Sunglasses are always on hand, especially when there is little or no time for makeup. Here is what I wore:

Necklace: Sportsgirl $4/ Pearl ring: Purchased in Broom, WA borrowed from sister's closet/ BYS Matte Lipstick in Brown Sugar: $5

Sheer blouse: Supre $15 last season/ Blazer: Second hand from my uncle's wrdrobe/ Leggings: Kmart $7.50/ Nude Brouge Shoes: $40 Rivers, this season/ Sunglasses: $5 from a New York souveniere store, borrowed from sister's closet.
Yep, I almost...kinda ALMOST made the Aussie Curves cut off time for the Time Saver challenge but you know what they say..."close but no cigar!" I laugh at myself when I think I'm totally prepared or when I tell myself "this week you're gonna do it on time woman" and then I totally don't. This is a prime example of what my poor blogger life is like constantly. Luckily my organisational & time management skills are fantastic professionally or I would have HEAPS of free time to blog about everything I have no time to blog about because work sucks the time out of my life! LOL.
The End.
Big Love xx 

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