Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aussie Curves: Dark.

Aussie Curves time again and I'm just getting in over the line this week! My goodness I have had no time this week to even scratch myself lol. but I'm feeling somewhat relieved to get my post in! Aussie Curves has become a part of my weekly schedule so it feels weird to not have something ready to roll every Monday. Long story short, YAY for me getting my butt into gear!

These pictures came from a shoot I did with my sister and niece a few weeks ago for my new blog banner. This helped me out a WHOLE butt load since I didn't have time for a shoot this week. I love what all my Aussie Curves ladies have done with the dark theme, you are all looking so super cool and I love seeing you all step up each week putting a spin on something that could be passed off as ordinary. Aussie Curves = fabulous.

What I wore:

Meet my beautiful niece Lee Fasi, she's a budding fashion designer & I'm super excited to see her works evolving. Watch this space for her developments :)

Lace top, $3 Thrifted/ Skirt, $10 City Chic Outlet store/ Converse All-Star sneakers $40/ Bronze heart necklace, sister's closet- thrifted $2/ clip on earrings, $2 thrifted

we love to clown with the camera.

This shoot was cool beans. I love it when we all get in on the fun!

I truly hope you have all had a great week getting a step closer to whatever it is you dream and strive for. Until next time...

Big Love x


  1. Gorgeous! I love this outfit, you look beautiful as always. And my favourite bit? The clowning around pics. I LOVE THEM.

    1. haha they're my fave TOO! Thanks for popping by Suger!! :)

  2. Oh I thought this was a dress, it is so pretty you have a good eye for thrifting! Love this outfit and love your blog banner!

    1. Hey Ezmae!! thanksss! me and my sister's wardrobe is now made easily with 80% of thrifted finds! the more time I spend in op shops the easier it seems to be able to dig up a little piece of gold!! Love it!! :)