Monday, December 3, 2012

Aussie Curves: Orange!

Sunday, sunshine and a birthday breakfast date with the ladies...perfect reason to bust out some orange for Aussie Curves! Introducing our beautiful friends, sisters Anne, Josie & Mauana. Anne and my sister Mele went to College together and now teach at the same school. It was Anne and Josie's birthdays this and last week and mine the week before that so we finally got the chance to get together for a little celebratory feed.
The food was yummy and the conversation was even yummier! Lots of giggles were had! I've said this before I'm sure but there is nothing better than good food teamed with good company...a winning combination.

What I wore:

Purple blazer, $6 Salvos/Orange sheer tunic, Big W $25 last season/ Tube skirt, $5 Kmart/Cuff flats, Big W, $23 three seasons back

Earrings $2, MS Opshop/ Wooden carved ring, $12 Caribbean Markets Melbourne/Shades, gifted from a friend/Handbag, $2 Vinnies :)

L-R: Mauana, Josie, Anne & Mele

Are you an orange fan? I love citrus tones and colours, especially in Spring and Summer! I love this sheer top of mine because of its detailing around the neck line and the length. I loooove long flowy tops as it hides my probplem areas best, haha. My own personal magic trick lol. ;)

I can't wait to check out my fellow Aussie Curves lovelies with their take on "OR-ange" as our fellow Americans would say...haha.

Big Love x


  1. Cool! Who is the girl in the pink skirt??? HA HA HA HA

    1. just someone I picked up off the street LOL. :)

  2. Such fun photos! I love the handbag and the peachy orange colour is great on you! :)

    1. hey Alison!! the hand bag is my favourite part of the outfit too!! its different to anything i own!! :) thanks so much for stopping by!!