Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well this story begins way before the wedding at a place I called home for 3 years...College. I spent the duration of my tertiary education living in dorms and experiencing life and study on a level I had never experienced before. My first year was full of well...firsts. Living with strangers, making new friends as an "adult", studying at university level, eating in a cafeteria and discovering who the hell I was in this world. By my second year those strangers had somehow become sisters, I had buckled down and was working my butt off to get good grades and I was learning key lessons in life that were leading me in a direction of self discovery I had never anticipated. By my third year the people who I new not a single fact about not too long ago were my every day companions and to my surprise, upon reflection, became people that felt as close as family. Somehow the word "friends" didn't seem to suffice when describing who these people were in my life.

That was just a tiny bit of information to try and put into context how much fun, love and memories are made and shared when I get to reunite with my college family  at an event like this wedding. I graduated in December 2012 with not only a Bachelor in Education but a whole new kooky, passionate, talented, hilarious, beautifully diverse family. For me this was wedding was not only a beautiful celebration of love and union but a REunion of  friends and family. So much fun in just two days. Here's how it went down...

9 hour road trip to Coonamble, NSW with sis Jenny. Left my house at 1:30am picked up this girl from her brother's 21st at 3am then drove like a mutha. Here are a few snaps from along the way looking nice and skanky,  haha!

Lucky we scrub up alright.

LoF sister Steph walking down the aisle. Sooooooo beautiful & blissfully happy!

Groomsmen in grey.

What I wore: Jacket, $3 Thrifted Salvos/Sequin tube top, $1 thrifted, MS Opshop/Skirt, $20 Forever 21 last season/ Wgede heels $30 Taregt this season/ Handmade necklace and clip-on earrings thrifted, $5.
Level 4 dorm sisturrrs
The dance floor was our beeeeetch, lol. :)

with my main Jennifer :)

We found the bride!
We were so

I wouldn't normally post so many photos for one event but I just couldn't turn any away! lol. This day/night was SO MUCH fun!! A wedding on Steph and Josh's farm/property from the afternoon and into the night ft bon fires, fairy lights, a folk band that made the whole thing feel like I was in the Shire with all the Hobbits (blame my love for The Lord of the Rings LOL.) and  making memories with some of my most treasured people in the world!

Steph and Josh, I wish you all the happiness and prosperity one can wish another in the life you are building together. God's blessings and love coming your way. THANKS FOR THE INVITE, hahaha.

Big Love x

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